Objects from the astral realm

Is it possible to bring objects from the astral realm to physical reality, even lost art? Like say if you drew some great art that took 1 month to finish but then it got ruined when you accidentally dropped it in the water.


Sort of, but not in the way you are thinking of.

It’s stated in many an occult book that the astral plane contains the form of all things, even if the physical expression of that thing has been destroyed or has never existed (like the “akashic records” created by Helena Blavatsky, or the “Necronomicon” of H.P. Lovercraft).

Any thing conceived of first exists in the astral as an idea, or concept, not as anything concrete. That is why you can zoom around in the astral in whatever form your imagination can conjure up, manifest weapons out of the air, and exhibit any super power you want to, but when you return, your physical body will be just as you left it.

You could, conceivably, find the astral equivalent of your art piece in the astral, but it would not translate into a physical materialization, meaning you couldn’t come back from your trip with the art in your physical hands. However, it could eventually materialize into your life in some way, like a similar piece of art done by someone else, or a photo or even a description within a book.


Yea, it can. You can even recreate a dead person alive by taking information from the Akasha and astral also. Falls under ADVANCED MAGICK.

Yes, it is possible. I know strong Spirits who does it. And each time I send one to help me bring stuff to physical plane, gold for example, then these strange beings will arose and block them from coming. Not once not twice.

I asked how to sort these out, I was advised to do somethings, I’m presently working on that.


EA koetting mention once that Azazel can manifest objects into physical world


I materialized stuff before. The easiest thing is hair, once I manifested mold out of thin air. Sure Gold would have been better but I didn’t say I knew what I was doing. lol