Oberon - My experience with him

I noticed that here on the forum there is not much talk about Oberon, so i decided to open a thread where I could talk about my experience and my work with him. If you have had something to do with him, or have some information, you can write it here, so that it is available to everyone.

My first meeting with Oberon:
I was meditating on my third eye, I was lying down, and after a while I started to feel a presence floating above me, staring at me from above.
(I have developed a good clairsentient but I still can’t hear or see spirits.)
Without realizing it, I stopped meditating and had a vision. As if he wanted to show me something.
I was in a kingdom surrounded by nature, full of trees and greenery. There were fountains and flowering meadows, female and male elves walking in peace.
I was led to a road by some of them, and I was surrounded by fairies.
It was like a welcoming ceremony, as if they had welcomed me and taken me under their protective wing.
The vision had ended.
Once I woke up I tried to get out of my body, and wandering around my room I could see it. He had a dark brown hair and with forest green eyes, he had a little beard. His energy was green and he had spread his dark green feathered wings. I even touched them; they were velvety and soft. He stared at me and gave me a lot of calm and harmony.
I returned to my body and she revealed her name to me. He said his name was “Oberon”. I had just started reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and that same morning I found his name on the forum.
He revealed to me that he wanted to start working with me and shortly after he left.
The very moment his presence disappeared I was possessed by an elf, Oberon’s servant. (He revealed it to me later).
Our souls were not in conflict and I did not feel a negative energy. On the contrary, he seemed almost an innocent and playful figure. I was imbued with an immense joy of life and I was electrified. The spirit seemed curious to be inside a human body and made me jump around the house like a little goat. It noticed that there was a sandwich in my kitchen and ate it tastefully, then it came out. It was a lot of fun. He told me that Oberon wanted me to get the information through him. I was ordered to look for his seal and draw it, and to do the evocation as soon as possible. I found the seal on Balg shortly afterwards, and I also tried to do some research on him, but I didn’t find much information.


My first evocation of Oberon:
I left my house, going to a park near my house.
Since I was about to evoke the Fairy King, it seemed appropriate to immerse myself in nature. I took his seal and sat on a meadow. After I started thinking intensely about him, saying in my head the words I thought were best, and staring at his seal, I felt his presence in front of me. He began to speak to me. He had very friendly, almost old-fashioned ways of communicating.
He often called me “young maiden”.
He asked me to follow him and made me admire the landscape. He was making me stare at fields in front of us, asking me what I saw.
I had abandoned my physical eyes and was observing with my third eye. I saw the images mentally, but with open eyes.
It was similar to the vision I had previously had with him. Fountains and streams, flowering fields, and elves walking in harmony. An idyllic fairy world.
He repeated to me many times: “can you hear the fairy songs”? At first I didn’t understand and kept telling him that I couldn’t hear them, but maybe it was a metaphor. A kind of test to see if I was sensing his kingdom. If I had reached the level of perceiving his own energies and those of the world around me.
Then we moved a little further and sat down. I started to feel the presences more vividly.
There were fairies and elves around us. Sitting near the trees, or flying through the branches. Some even sat next to him.
We talked about starting to work together and making a pact. He took my hands and I took the oath. He also put a necklace around my neck (but I couldn’t see it) saying that I would always be tied to him and I would also be protected. From my sensations, it looked like it was made of rope, or leather, and there was a stone attached to it.
Then I started asking him some questions and asking him why he chose me.
His answer:
“I watched you for a while and I wanted to start working with you. I chose you because you know how to seize true beauty. That which resides in nature. In your soul I see beauty.
Your energies vibrate with mine.
You know how to observe and appreciate small things.
Like a cloud, trees, or birds flying in the sky.
My nature is your nature.
Often humans forget that everything around them is at their disposal.
You give it importance.”
After talking I decided to leave, his last words were.
“Keep reading that work. I like it very much.” (Referring to A Midsummer Night’s Dream).

In conclusion:
Oberon’s presence was always calm and relaxed, I could hear him smiling often. He had a serene and peaceful aura. The quietest of all the spirits I have ever dealt with. He also had a fatherly attitude with me. He seemed very happy to welcome me into his life and that I had done the same with him.
He is a good and cordial soul.


I think it’s mainly because most of his history is through literature, but also because he’s not labeled king of the fae in terms of welsh, irish, scottish, etc fae. The Aos Sidhe, Daoine sidhe, or the Tylwyth Teg are the most talked about fae groups and Oberon isn’t exactly linked to them in the same sense and was based off a sorcerer.


I labeled him fairy king mainly because of the vision he gave me when I met him.
I don’t know much about his actual role. I would like to know him better and be able to offer valid information based on my experience with him.

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