OAA Work Through Thread

I Dont Know if this is in the right place ,

But was thinking it would be nice to have a OAA Work-through thread , for people who are starting it and also so people know what to expect and can be helped along by others who have gone further through the flames then they have.
And to post results or specific problems etc.

Just an idea,

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Great idea, I’ve pinned it for now so hopefully it will be easier to find and get some people involved in sharing, talking, asking questions etc. :slight_smile:

I only received my copy of O.A.A Discourses and Initiations yesterday. I’ve decided to remain faithful to the process and not jump ahead, but do everything in its proper order despite not being a novice at this. Its all very interesting.

I’m doing the same, despite that not being my natural inclination…! :smiley:

I’ve completed the first Flame and then had to take a break and work on some other stuff, I really hope people will share notes and stuff in this thread and especially anyone who’s working through it in the order given.

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I’m curious about when you conducted the clock pendulum exercise, did you simply close your eyes and visualize the pendulum swinging against the black background infront of you? I find it much eaiser to see myself standing beside my body off to the side, watching the pendulum swing infront of me. Simply just closing my eyes and focusing on the pendulum swinging is tedious. When I get bored I astral around the swinging pendulum from behind, walk around myself, ect.


Yes, I saw the vague faded outlines of a clock round it and it was SO restful I could happily have done it for hours, so I’ve added that in as a thing to do in the day when I get stressed.

Probably my favourite new exercise and I love it a ridiculous amount! :slight_smile:


I’ve started meditating on this at work, during lunch in my office wth the door closed. I find its much easier than at home when my daughter is watching Dora the Explorer, the cat is meowing cause its bowl of food is only half full, and my old golden retriever is panting cause it has diareaha again for the 3rd time this week and needs to go outside…

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Yes, I saw the vague faded outlines of a clock round it and it was SO restful I could happily have done it for hours, so I’ve added that in as a thing to do in the day when I get stressed.

Probably my favourite new exercise and I love it a ridiculous amount! :)[/quote]

After successfully completing the pendulum exercise with your eyes closed, try doing it with your eyes open. This variation seems to help produce more effective and more solid visuals during evocation.

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Nine days ago on February 3rd, I began reading though the First Flame, Exercise One. I decided to do this before practicing it. I continued to read it daily, for several days, taking notes on my thoughts and feelings about it. I gained some unique insights into myself and discovered a new definition for the nature of evil. This is before I even began the process. Yesterday, on the 10th, I decided to commence active work though the material.

I had completed two cycles of the exercise earlier in the day. As night fell, the area of the city I live in had a blackout that lasted several hours, plunging the area into deep darkness. My final session for the day was done in the midst of the shadow that had fallen over the city. Shortly after that, the power was restored.

I consider this a good omen and a message that the darkness is aware of my intent and is responding. That what may be accomplished though these techniques has much greater implications than I had at first anticipated.

How is everyone progressing with their work on OAA?

Not as fast as I’d like due to other things coming up recently that had to be dealt with, but one odd thing is that I keep my flame staff near my side of the bed (no phallus jokes please, there’s just nowhere else much to lean it! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the other day it slid sideways when I moved the stack of books, magazines and general crap that also accumulates there, and when I touched it, it was warm - like flesh.

I ran my hand up and down, the whole length was like that, and it’s not near a radiator nor was there a fan heater or anything else blowing nearby that could account for it.

My bed has a metal four-poster style frame and the frame, which was within about 12 inches of the staff (and metal obviously picks up heat faster than wood), was the normal cool temperature you’d expect.

Just another day in oddball paradise! :wink:

Still I thought I’d share so that if anyone else experiences this, they’ll know they’re not alone…

Maybe it was reminding me to get back to work, the poor thing was stuck in a closet for long enough. :slight_smile:

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Steady going full out every day. I’ve heard some voices saying things like ‘Welcome home’ and ‘You are ready’ during the contemplation’s.

I also had a breakthrough shadow work session in which I pulled up some heavy stuff I was not aware of which I can see limited my willingness to exercise power. I also had a chance (test) to face a life experience, with a direct confrontation that reflected my ability to face it and deal rather than please others and play small. This all within the last couple days, gains from the work are real.

I’ll be moving to the next exercise as soon as I verify the gains are stable and not random fluctuations. Which I’ll do by continuing for another week at least.

I must admit to going quite slowly. As much as I want to be a high & mighty smarty pants & have completed everything like a wiz, I def want to give each part the respect it deserves. Plus each part has produced its own weirdness that I feel I need to fully digest before I move on.

This is my first post on the forum. I take the liberty share my experience as I have received the First Flame last night. Going from darkness to light during the first ritual of initiation after two weeks of work through the Lessons of the First Flame, I vibrated the name ‘Sat Nam’ and formed a sphere of light around me, not knowing what to expect next. Waiting in silence, I then saw a long flame of about 40 cm appearing before me within the sphere. It then moved within me. My body started shaking flooded within intense orgasmic bliss mixed with a sense of infinite spiritual power.

I had received shaktipat dikha from a tantric guru before, but this was somehow stronger. The next morning I woke up around 5:30 and realized that I just needed to call the flame to feel it burning within me, energizing chakras. Amazing stuff! I can’t wait to get to the next lessons.

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one odd thing is that I keep my flame staff near my side of the bed … and the other day it slid sideways… and when I touched it, it was warm - like flesh.

I have had this feeling a couple of times myself… when my copy of OAA arrived & also with my universal circle. I actually ( scientifically ) got out a thermometer & checked the circle - it gave off no heat at all but when i checked my hands, the one that was touching the circle was 4 degrees celsius hotter than the other.

Today I started Lesson II of the First Flame. I have continued the exercises three times a day for a month now, except for one day I was out and busy and did two sessions. I’ve kept a log of each exercise session (missed once, and noted that).

When I first started I kept re-reading the first lesson of the first flame, considering what I would need to begin. I did’t really have a dark room so I decided to do the work in a closet if I could sit in there. I cleared half of one out, and it was just big enough to sit in. I didn’t have a chair (that fit in the closet well) though, so I started with an old computer case as a seat for the first few days until I acquired a stool specifically dedicated to use in my work through the OAA.

I’m still doing other practices, and this OAA discipline seems to synergize with my intent for progress well.

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I have recently started the ‘Lessons of the Seventh Flame’ as a Sworn Knight of the Sixth Flame. So far everything happened exactly as described in the lessons. Anyone who is not a complete beginner can expect to move quickly through the first six levels. Starting from the seventh onward, the lessons seem to take a bit more time. I am currently training my scrying skills with a black mirror. To my surprise, it already feels like watching TV. I decided to spend as much time as possible on mastering this skill to pave the road for soul travel. I just love this system!

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Alex, I have to commend you on your progress through the flames. 7 flames in 3 months seems impressive to me. I applaud your obvious dedication and the time you devote to the work.

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Thank you, baron vonPfaff. I actually fell in love with the system and now seem to devote much of my free time to it.

The lessons of the 8th, 9th and 10th Flames turned out to be easier to complete than expected. Coming from a more Left Hand Path approach, I was a bit worry about having to open the gates of hell to make a blood sacrifice to legions of demons (Lessons of the Eight Flame, lesson II), but nothing negative happened. On the contrary, I was filled with their intense raw power. In a similar way, the soul travel to Binah, Algol and Naos (Lessons of the Tenth Flame, lesson II) was just amazing: entering into the core of Naos felt like being consumed by lava to be reborn as an immortal all-pervading spirit.


Now working on the Lessons of the Eleventh Flame. Lesson I is by far the best approach to kundalini yoga I have encountered so far. I have received a few tantric initiations and worked with traditional Hindu (Laya yoga) and Buddhist techniques (gTummo yoga, Six yoga of Naropa) in the past, but this method is much better, simpler and safer. The result -not mentioned in the lessons-, is a sense of intense bliss felt on each chakra. The bliss arises as the result of chakras opening alone. Yet, it seems to feed on sexual energy, which explains the tantric use of sex to intensify the bliss and eventually fuse it with non-dual awareness (union of Shiva and Shakti).

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