O.T.O. Magick

Does anyone know what type of magical practices the O.T.O. actually practice in their temple?

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Search O.T.O.

U.S. lodge

If you are interested, this is a good link, many informaton.

Thanks but it still doesnt really answer what im asking. I want to know more in detail what they do. for example, do they evoke demon/angels, posessions, work with scrying, or things like that. All i know is they somehow work with the hermetic kabbalah and tarot.

It’s a huge organization, many lodges all over the world, many different levels of initiations and they are not likely to share most things they do. I guess they do everything you can imagine.

They do pretty much everything that is based on hermetism. If you want to know what they are doing, you can search out another group that is a fork from O.T.O is called Ordo Templi Astartes.

They can do anything Magickally but they usually don’t. Like all rhp organisations they suffer Magickal constipation.
You really should checkout the late Marcello Motta and S.O.T.O.
Under oath in an American court MM admitted he was A.A. At that point McMurtrey et al where obliged to stop their court action…but they didn’t.
MM published the controversial The Commentaries on Liber Al (by Aleister Crowley and another). Very expensive and as rare as rocking-horse shit. I also have Magickal and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law (edited by Symonds and Grant).