So I remember having a dream involving Nyx. I don’t remember any details except for the fact that Nyx was there and I had positive feelings about it. I don’t know anything about her and have never interacted with her before, I only knew the name. I also have read that she has something to do with vampires (is this true?) and two days prior to the dream I ran a random large-scale vamp campaign because I felt like my visualization skills were through the roof, so I wanted to put it to use. So maybe that attracted her attention?

I tried searching but couldn’t find any information that I could call reliable, so I’m going to bite the bullet and ask.

Do you have any experiences with Nyx? Does she usually introduce herself in such manner and what might be the reason? Should I try to contact her? What can I learn and achieve by contacting her? What is her personality like? Any kind of information is appreciated.

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i have tried my hand at vampirism and i never had an encounter with her