Dear Members of Balg,

consider this to be the first introduction to the general concept of Numinosis.

Which - SPECIFICALLY - means counter-telepathy.
The ability, to WRITE,
instead of just reading,
in the minds of others.

Geometric Metaphors Of Life from Observer1964 on Vimeo.

Interesting, that Video was produced a couple of month before my birth.
So basically, it was being produced, while I incarnated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the already released tools i’d like to include to this reference Post:

OhmAumZui - Triple word of creation.
JaJuJi - Triple opener

Further Editing planned,
please consider this Post a reference point.




Sorry if I sound cheesy , but would this be like Inception , except without the complicated equipment and stuff?

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good reference.
Yes, it kind of haves to do with those concepts.

For example, the aspect of aiming for positive suggestions,
because they’re more potent seeds,
which integrate and blossom more natrually into the target.

But also, the fact that mind quickly becomes overwhelmingly complex,
and ít’s an essential step for the magician,
to use a simplified - core seed - version,
of the idea you want the opponent to have in the final end.

But mostly,
good Numinosis - or Inception, in that comparising,
is undetectable.
The oponent shouldn’t remember much,
ideally nothing of the injection,
and assume the idea to be completely of their own.

So yes, that Movie draws some interesting paralells and holds good base teachings on the mather.



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