Numbers repeating themselves 1111 what does it mean?

I keep seeing the combination of 1111 everywhere. This has been happening ever since I started evocation. This is what I got from google,

I’m not quite satisfied with what I found and wanted the forum’s opinions.

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Numerology. Go to


Thank you for the link. Is there a specific page I should visit on the website?

Click on the website it shows you 0-9 and the meanings of repeating numbers

Can’t find it :frowning:

Google. "Numerology spiritual meaning. Sry dude at work

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111, 1111 – This is the New Cycle sign. It refers to what is new, fresh, prosperous and progressive in your life. Seeing this sign after thinking or feeling something about a topic in your life indicates that these thoughts will lead to new and exciting things in your daily life. Your Spirit Guides are indicating that these thoughts are healthy, because change is the essence of growth.


I just did the math.
My birth date is 01111995; adds to 27 and equals 9.
My full name equals 11. 27 Is a leadership number; 9 is spiritual mastery and content.

A lot of 1s and total 9s. This seems like an emissary or pioneer equation to me. Damn, more readings to do.


Frankly, I don’t believe there’s any inherent meaning attached to them. I’ve been seeing these numbers for nearly a decade, it first emerged when I started practicing meditation. At first they were a novelty and I searched for meanings attributed to them. Fast forward ten years to today, I see them on a near daily basis; they’ve become just another everyday thing. I think, if anything, you could see them as a “sign” of sort that in some way you’re connected to the larger reality – or another way to think of it: you’re connected to magick that’s within you.