Numbers in a phrase

I wonder how do you make sigils out of a phrase that has numbers involved?

For example:

It is my will to move out of the neighborhood by autumn 2019

I know that you must eliminate the vowels and repeats, but what about the numbers β€œ2 0 1 9”?
What are you supposed to do with me numbers?

Thanks in advance!


Use the word not the numeral.

So 2019 becomes β€œtwo thousand nineteen.”


Ah, so numerals are also forbidden in sigil magick?

No, nothing is forbidden. You can make a sigil however you want. However, the point is to make the letters of your statement of intent unrecognizable by the conscious mind and that is easier to do if you do not include numerals because they are very clear shapes your mind can latch onto.

If you want to experiment, make two sigls, one with the numerals, and one using the words (make them for different things) and then fire them off. See which one works better for you.

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Gematria could also be a meaningful route for you to go. Check out this calculator the link below leads to you and see if any of the words produced attract your attention.

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Hmm how does it work? Care to give me some examples?

Thank you

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Sure thing. In this case you would use gematria to find a word or phrase that has thru gematria a numerical value that is equal to the number 2019. In this case you get a slew of results from Google searches that happen to equal 2019 among those was β€œTo Be Full Of Positive
Energy”. If that spoke to you you would sub it in for 2019. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which result or approach allows you to best focus your attention and energies knowing it went into creating your sigil.

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Hey, I was wondering if Roman numerals would do the trick? Food for thought, my friend? :wink:

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Like I said, try it and see what works best for you. The key to making Spare style sigils is to use your own creativity because it is your own mind that you are speaking to and that will fulfil your intent.

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