Numbers driving me nuts

Been seeing these numbers daily.

What is going on?

I feel so fucking alive and awake.

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Spirits have something to say to you, but I dont know what. I keep seeing 21:37 btw.

But I remember all these you have mentioned except 911 can mean some angelic presence.

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When remembering these numbers, try to recognise your feelings and what you sense at the time of seeing them, although some of these number meanings relate to manifestation, creativity, development of abilities and a sudden awaking of a spiritual kind they are very individual in there meanings and when they are given continuously it is because we’re either not noticing them, understanding them or acknowledging and given thanks for them.


Very interesting. I am seeing 444 and 555 a lot since my uncle died in June. I wake up at 4:44 a lot. I looked up the meanings but never thought to give thanks for it


If you are uncertain of the meanings of these numbers which show up in your daily life you could always Google them and come up with an answer, here are just a few links to get you started:


I see the number 72 atleast 3x a day

I guess I’m lucky I haven’t seen any numbers just random letters I can’t remember tho

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