Numbers appearing

Hello everyone,

For a while now I have a few numbers appearing again and again.

There were some numbers that appeared so much for 2 months then they disappeared

I’m just interested in is there anywhere a method or description to decrypt these number’s message, because to be honest I don’t really trust blogs like “angelspirithealing with amy” because they all copy paste and make up things.

The numbers if anyone can help with them
212 (so often like 10-13 times a day)
176 (I may attracted this number but appears a lot)

Thanks for help

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Try the Jewish gematria method…

Synchronisation - Communicating with divine
Check this out

112 Says simple keep the faith in what your doing. Be positive towards your future.
1 in this number stands for manifestation and spiritual contact, 2 stands for it will be alight.
212 Is almost the same number now 2 is a little bit stronger.
Pay notice to your intuition this can help you on your path.

@Ancient is your life changing a bit? Did you do spells or invocations that could help you?

Thank you it seems really helpful :slight_smile:


No two days are the same so it’s changing always, that’s for the numbers explained above :slight_smile:

Well because the 6 & 8 in 176, 178 you have the ability to manifest in life, could even be money or material stuff. So that’s positive.

Funny thing that sometimes 686 appears too :slight_smile: