Numberology and Hebrew Number/Word Readings (First 3 Only)

So, I have a birthday coming up and since I’m still a little bit of a quarantined circumstance - I’ve decided to do three readings on a scanning system I’ve been working on for a bit.

Well, ya know, it’s a little hard to bake cookies for people I’ve never met. And this year, all of my close friends flew off to tropical places. Or just traveling in general. I couldn’t get the time off. Haha!

It’s pretty simple, I can either use your user name, first name only (no last names), or a combination of your first name and user name.

At this time between work and other personal commitments - I’m only able to do three readings/scans.

If you’re interested, please comment below and I will PM you.

I’m curious, I shall take one then please :blush:


I’m down to be a guinea pig :slight_smile:

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Numerology guinea pig? Im down :blush:

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Thank You! I appreciate it, I will be sending PM’s on Monday.