Nullius In Verba

“On the Word of No One” is an old motto that represents the philosophy of science. Any claim that is made by proper science can be repeated or observed by any other scientist, ideally.

Occult knowledge also follows this philosophy in that it expects no one to accept a suggestion on another person’s word. What makes something occult by my definition is that it’s not meant for everyone.
If someone says to an occultist, “I don’t perceive what you perceive.” The occultist can say. “Of course you don’t. I’m way better at this shit than you are.”

Nullius In Verba means “know thyself” the second way. As in. “know some things and don’t worry if you can’t make other people know them”

Also, Socrates


Lol, this October marks 2 years of actual practise , and dedication to walk the left hand path and still have to shake my head 2 or 3 times when I experience " co-incidents " which I have come to learn are communication tactics from my spirit/demon influences.
As a tumble of thoughts began to catch my attention, my " automatic browsing " brought me to this post…
Ever since I watched one of E.A’s YouTube vids, he spoke of his communications with Lucifer after his early years , once he found Lucifer again, …
One statement : Know thyself"
Was stressed and emphasised in my minds perception,
As a former drug addict ( yes former, as in transcends recovery), I spent the better part of a decade either in rehab, jail, or in a ditch , homeless and dopesick.
No end to the amount of suffering, it seemed as each treatment centre was like peeringn into a mess of scrying mirror.
Each relapse more devastating than the last, i could never accept the whys of it all.
As an intellect , I strive to understand and at times over analyze many ideals.
Well to my own spiteful resentment , a wiser man once told me that I should be gratefull to have recognized my wwaknessss, for that one day it will prove to be, to become your ( my) greatest strength…
Flaberghasted, for what seemed like ages, today I realize the truth behinds that silly smart bastards words.
I know myself well enough to know , with conviction the parts of me to destroy through death spiritually. I can recite the qualities I own from best to worst.
I have goals I know how to attain because I know how I learn the best and understand how my brain can retain the most amount of detailed info. I can pick apart my psyche like im disecting a fetal pig in biology class.
Regarding the very last sentence about trying to convince people of my occultist beliefs or practises is like my main issue I just identified. I would attempt many converts’ at first , but was cured somewhat when I dropped mind about what others thought of me.
Not caring= not fearing, and lead me to liberation and much less anxiety!
Thanks for allowing me to post my revelation and hope it finds someone to help as well . Thanks man.Rors​:smiling_imp::wink:


That’s very cool, doubly so next time someone is all like “magick doesn’t exist, change my mind” - the simple answer is, try it and see. :+1:


Perfect . Thanks [email protected]_Eva. :smiling_imp::slight_smile:

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