Nuisance Spirit

Hi E.A from Sydney,Australia.

Greetings EA,
l just want to say quickly l’m a 52 year Magician and Mason and am on the last video of Mastering Invocation. It is so good l’m staggered,it is without the best dollar l have spent on Magick research- l’m light years ahead.

My issue is l have a spirit l picked up off the Ouija board who l became very enmeshed with. It was a trickster and now every time l try to do automatic writing or Ouija work it always pretends to be the spirit l’m trying to communicate with. l suspect this is the case and always call it out. This is frustrating and l don’t know how to get rid of it. It says it’s never going.My magick in general is unaffected apart from this. Regards Steven