Now this is very wild

DAMN!!! :neutral_face:


Excuse me for my bad manners but found it on v.k and how the fuck did somone evoke belial on the clouds??? Is such thing possible how much energy do you need for this and what skills!!!

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I don’t believe that’s an evocation but that’s still pretty wild looking if it’s real.


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This photo looks fake, however the idea is pretty sweet.Clouds can take shapes so we can get a lot of hints in evocations. :thinking:

I may try this in future.

It could be fake however someone needs holiwood producion equipment to design this its not like you download an app and make this. If you do this it freak out the entire city ;3 i give it a 40% its real.

Well it turns out someone tricked Vk nonetheless lol.Check when they are posted.

I dident know how to check it thanx for clearing it.

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I tried to do a cloud evocation once and all I got was a drop of bird shit in my eye.


Damn. XD