Nothing to say or am I not good enough?

So today I purchased a service from satan and sons (this is not a review of their services) it was to get a familiar. The familiar was a spirit that would require them to visit me and decide weather or not they choose to work with me. So to make a long story short if she was talking to me I couldn’t hear her.
So I wanted to ask can a spirits power level indicate how easily they are able to communicate? I know that I need to have my clairaudience and other things toughter. But there are some spirits who are hear with me that I can hear them extremely well, topnotch crystal clear no problems.

I know it can be a simple matter of maybe she had nothing to say just wanted to ask.

Did you feel the spirit at all? Is it that you couldn’t sense it or just that you couldn’t communicate with it?

i did feel something in front of me but i couldent tell if it was her or one of the other spirits that are already hear. Well when i think about that was her it felt different from the other spirits here

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All right, that’s a start. How long did they say it would take before the spirit would decide to work with you or not? Have you called it again?

dont know the spirit was a pre bound companion from satan and sons

Did you try to call it again?

Give it time! A day is not enough!

What type of spirits are these? What type of spirit are you going to receive if it likes you?

I ask because quite frankly it makes a huge difference for me, what type of spirit it is when I summon, on the response I get. I get near physical manifestations of spirits of the dead and shadow creatures/people, clear impressions of the Loa and audio/telepathic thoughts, clear impressions of servitors, I only feel a presence with most demons, angels I get weird flashes of lights, and gods tend to vary, but the more I work with them the clearer it gets.

I haven’t had any experience with Satan and Sons, but I did purchase three spirits a few months ago from another site, and I knew it was likely servitors as they were cheap ($30-50) but… I was only able to get impressions from on the first day my vessels arrived, and felt a presence from one of the other two when it arrived and nothing since no matter how hard I try.

I even paid to have them bound to me and to have the energy source be replenish-able on it’s own, so that I wouldn’t have to remember to charge it. (all of that’s why I believe they are supposed to be servitors, spirits don’t need that energy wise lol)

I am pretty sure that while some people probably do get viable spirits (servitors are spirits too, just created spirits), I am nearly certain I received thought forms, and would have had to give life to them myself to make them real spirits.

Unfortunate, but I create servitors so I thought having someone else’s would validate my experiences and make me feel less crazy. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve seen a few other sites that work in similar ways or claim to go to say Lilith or Lucifer and get these for you, but depending on what type you’re after, you might be better off with creating a servitor and making it your familiar, or asking an entity yourself- but once again I haven’t tried this particular site, so can’t say either way on it.

spirit services that give spirits power levels aren’t the best thing to trust and never pay for uncertainty as in “you pay and we send a spirit to you to decide if they want to be with you” you’re better off forming your own bonds or sticking to servitors.

I would also not jump into external work until you do some internal senses work.


shes an angel of the void

angel of the void…?

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The way spirit keeper groups slap random names together always either makes me cringe or makes me laugh lol.


I was on a site like this, and I could feel Lilith telling me to stay away from it lol

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im also getting a hell cat from them

…why? lol

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knowledge practice you know

But why waste the money on uncertainty? the whole “angel of the void” kind of should of been a red flag as angels have nothing to do with the void o.o


then what about spirits like abadon who has been called angels of the abyss. I think its really more of a title

Abyss and the void aren’t the same thing, the Abyss is a realm, the void exist outside of the planes and between them. Abaddon made the abyss their home just as Pazuzu is one of the Gods of the Abyssal realm, but the void is not a realm.

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