Nothing but everything . :-)

In the name of Azazel-Satanael you are to leave this body!

Satan commands you to vacate this body!

Azazel commands you to return to the underworld!

It is the power of Hell that commands you,

Leave unclean spirit, leave!

It is the fire of Hell that burns you

It is the fury of His Demons that compels you,

From this body you shall leave

And to your own abode return

Thus commanded by your God.

Spirit, you have no will of your own

By your God you are sent where you must go!

I am your God, Satan and in my name,

Leave this body and this person, (insert name), alone

Or face the fury of your Lord.

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And the purpose of this is? You have given no context or anything for this, so it’s completely random.

Is it supposed to be some kind of exorcism?

Did you write it yourself, or did you just copy it from somewhere? If you copied it, please cite your source.

Do you have any experience with it?

Oh, and by the way, @Sina, if you want to keep posting on this forum, you need to follow the rules, and properly introduce yourself as you were asked to do way back in Dec 2019. Failure to do so will result in the removal of any subsequent posts you make until our rule is respected. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW:


I think I saw the same text a few days ago here on the forum :thinking:

Yep, there you go:

I’m not sure what to do. @Lady_Eva?


You’re right. He copied it from a post by ChrisK. I don’t know what this guy’s purpose is in just copying a post someone else made only a day ago but flagged for the mods.

Edit: You beat me too it lol


We’re going to need an intro from you please @Sina, and also, as mentioned, if you post rites etc., please give credit to the original authors.

Cheers! :+1: