Notes on Dream Interpretation

Interpreting Your Dreams

When you have remembered and written down a dream, answer these questions:

  1. Who had the dream? You, a friend, or a relative?
  2. What imagery was in it? Who are the people in it? What are the places or objects? What activities are going on? How does the imagery relate to you or the dreamer? Don’t interpret yet, just identify the imagery.
  3. What is the message? Is there a simple, clear meaning as in the biblical Joseph’s dreams? Was the interpretation given in the dream?

Consider what is going on in the life of the dreamer but be careful. Maybe you play tennis, but just because you dream about a tennis match with Venus Williams does not mean you are being told to play tennis with her. Sharing the dream with someone who knows you well may help bring further insight.

If you come to an interpretation, does it make sense to the dreamer within the context of their life?

  1. Even if the immediate result is unfavorable, what will the overall outcome be if the dream is heeded?

I hope these tips are helpful.


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