Notes on Anima Noira's Ritual from the Anthology of Sorcery

I’m sharing this fwiw,even though it isn’t useful without a copy of the Anthology or the presence of Anima’s ritual,I still decided to share this simply because it was a fun ritual,and I did it daily for a time and noticed very real effects,and recommended it to a friend here who was looking to step it up and acquire liberation.

My ritual didn’t have the altar,the circle,the black robe,I was not naked,there was no wine,there was no incense,there were no candles or candle holders with the elements drawn on them,and no statuette.The experience was,like most ritualwork,a very internal one.There were times when I could not tell my voice apart from my thoughts which means someone watching me would have seen it silent.

Also,before I start,I would just like to say that I am huge fan of Anima Noira,her work,etc. despite having minimal encounters with it because she’s not nearly as famous and a lot of it is in Czech and stuff,but I feel like she is an amazing sorceress,with both talent and skill.

The ritual itself revolves around using blaspheme for liberation.It begins with a banishing.Then the special part she included with psychic liberation.Then with calling the Watchtowers.Then with a basic build-up,and self-exaltation part.Then with the part where you talk to the spirits,and petition them for whatever.then there’s a consummation of it,and finally closing the gates,and banishing the powers.

As such,I will divide it into these parts that she has divided them into.And if some of them seem more filled with information than others,that’s intentional,either because I can’t share the contents there,or because there isn’t much to share.


It was a fun time for me.I was heavily invested in a variety of pathworkings at the time,and several thought that I was being stretched in many directions.This was probably true,but it went well.I was on Break and while I can’t share why magic had become such an important element of my life at that time,I can say that I was driven to go through hell and back a million times over.

I had made a new friend,seemingly out of nowhere,who had become my best friend in under a month,which is a rare occurrence.Again,it is best not to share the mundane or magical background of me making this friend,but I will say that this friend ‘‘lit up’’ so to speak to my godform,as someone who could help me with something and someone I was supposed to help with something.

Some of my ties were solidified,some were not.I was in a dilemma at the time too.Once again something best left private at the moment,but it certainly was a place where magic and religion intersect.And it was not a mainstream religion,don’t worry,but I will say it’s something I had only fairly recently settled.

Life was all well,though I was in an emotionally discordant state.Blame puberty,and circumstance for it,I guess.Prefer not to share why that was.

After having merged fairly recently with my godform,I was exploding both in newfound powers and abilities,and in places to grow in.As I was the magical equivalent of an infant,I was pushing my limits to see what they were,learning the most basics of walking in this new world,and molding my godform,which was at this point highly sensitive,by integrating things into myself that wouldn’t have immersed themselves as powerfully as they would have if I had done them later.

For this reason,this ritual,along with more recent workings with the Black Sun,I had decided to undergo this rite,where Anima Noira basically slaps all the lies,and bindings of her world,and reemerges to redefine it.My world wasn’t one I was seeking to destroy and remake but redefine in some aspects,and find clarity.

The ritual itself is very similar to E.A.'s ritual with the Gatekeepers.Though,instead of being one grandiose gate opening ritual,it is more of a personal and intimate meeting with the infernal hosts to bring forth your requests for a better life,and aligning with them.It is also repeated more often and less grandiose.

Finally,it is meant to be done semi-regularly,maybe monthly or weekly at best.I performed it every day for two weeks and a half,and have had the things happening in avalanche so do keep in mind that it’s somewhat like a faucet.


I like the banishing in this ritual,which to preserve the integrity of the work itself will not be detailed,suffice to say it’s simple and affirms my will rather well.When doing it,I also think a version of the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram was good.Except without the Watchtowers,or the Qabalistic Cross,just with the part where we vibrate godnames.

The godnames vibrates were my own,and the pentagrams drawn were inverted.This was done in addition to the version of the banishing outlined by Anima Noira,and I found it surprisingly useful.With time,I began to realize that banishing wasn’t what I needed to do in this case,sweeping the energy away,as I wanted it to build.

As such,I performed Eva’s ‘‘In Darkness Bound’’ meditation in ritual,amongst other things.

Also,before beginning every ritual,I invoked the Black Sun.I did this by using the medtiation,and calling on the Black Sun to come shine onto the ritual,burning away any energy that was not productive,and filling me with its ‘‘light’’.

Self-Purification and Stating the Cause

Now this is the fun part.

An immersion into the current happens at this point and the sorcerer is to announce:
I blaspheme family

I blaspheme religion

I blaspheme tradition

I blaspheme society

As well as all that is dear and sacred to me.

The sorcerer removes the robe,a sign of the utmost purity before the infernal hosts,and absolute liberation.Holding the sign of the horns,in one hand still,they are to cross over their heart and confess:

I take refuge in the knowledge of the four human conditions:
2.Imperfect knowledge
3.Exposure to change
4.Ultimate Solitude

Then the sorcerer is to meditate on them,and let them sink in,and declare:
‘Thus purified,I ask to be received at the High Thrones of Hell,with the intent of ________’

Now,this is the fun part,hence why I shared it.It is the main cause of the ritual,and the rest of these notes can probably be removed but these are the useful ones.

In blasphemy,I announced it not all at once,but one in each corner of the world.And I symbolized it further by visualizing a black sword and slicing it open with it.

‘‘I blaspheme religion’’

Religion is ‘‘isms’’,anything we take seriously,our limits,our gods.We would not dare blaspheme certain entities the way we dare to blaspheme the desert troll god,and while it is true that most of us here do see blaspheme and think of the kind most of us underwent,I know few people would dare blaspheme their current faiths.

That’s probably one thing about devil worshipers I hate.They praise their freedom,and hate for God,and how willing they are to blaspheme whatever they worship,they’re scared to go against him/her/it.

At the end of the day,we all need to have some limits.We our own ethics,that we abide by,so as to not be filthy libertine animals,and those limits are in this too.In addition,there are entities that we do not want to piss off.

But as gods,in the ritual circle,as movers of the forces of magic,we are limitless.Our world is our world,and it is free.We are limitless in it,and it is all that matters.So this liberation freed me of some preconceptions on a path I was considering walking but never fully engaged in,because I was so sure I would end up enslaved by the entities therein.

There was some nudging here and there from other sources,but in the end,I’m glad to be walking it now.

‘‘I blaspheme tradition’’

Tradition is meant to be that which we inherit,that which we have from times past,that which we conform by,or defy.It is in a way,where society and religion meet.

Society comes with a myriad of ‘‘do’s’’ and ‘‘do not’s’’ that we may not agree with but we certainly conform by.Traditions also includes work we don’t wanna do,things we do not want to deal with.

Like other shackles,it had to be shattered.

‘‘I blaspheme family…’’

This is where we stand against those closest to us.Even behind closed doors,we feel guilt for defying the expectations of our parents,or not living up to what our siblings have done.

These are all things we’re willing to rebel against.Family,Society,Tradition,and Religion.After all,I’m in puberty,rebellion,even if silent and ritualized is a strong component of that.

Admittedly,this has yet to bear full fruit,hence why I’d prefer not to speak about it,suffice to say,I will get there.

And no,no one in my family is finding out about my magic.

‘‘I blaspheme society…’’

Arguably the most important thing here,society is the structure we live in.But it puts roles on us,aspects,and masks of power even.It establishes beliefs we may not agree with,makes a world we may not like,or in some way should be defied and used.

I have a rather good position in my specific society,which can be defined as my school as that’s where I spend most of my time with.And I am well loved by the rest of it,and have used it before.

Nevertheless,close friends are very few,and the effects they have are extremely important in shaping the individual.

After this rite of blasphemy I had to add blasphemy not just of the things I wanted to defy,but the things I loved and wanted to magnify.As such,in each direction I said:‘‘I blaspheme knowledge’’,‘‘I blaspheme power’’,‘‘I blaspheme love’’,‘‘I blaspheme life’’.

And I showed full cleanliness.


Morality exists as the main and most comforting reason we live in society.It is what defines us humans,our personal limits.Limits,evolved in order to act as glue for society,and in a way can be oppressive to the black magician,but morality is also comforting.

The magician establishes his or her own morals,and lives in accordance with them.Morality can be used,and experienced more fully,and has many other applications.

2.Imperfect Knowledge

This is a very big deal,of course.Someone here had channeled a yantra of sorts for me from my own godform,that said ‘‘there is more to earn’’ amongst other things.I like the symbol,and it’s a very useful one.Might share it at some point.

The nature of imperfect knowledge leads us to question our world,which ties in with Thagirion as the accuser enforcing skepticism.Beyond this,though imperfect knowledge means we can always grow,and we can always be greater.It is comforting,then,to know that you are as insignificantly ignorant as anyone.

3.Exposure to Change

This has been comforting to almost everyone at some point in our lives.The typical ‘‘this too shall pass’’,‘‘gam zeh ya’avor’’ speech,and I’ve posted some lunacy on Death elsewhere on this forum(here to be more exact)

And the fact still remains that the presence of change is important to note.Just because something is unaccessible now doesn’t mean doors will always be locked.Just because something is bad now doesn’t mean it will always be such.Just because you are strong now doesn’t mean you will always be.

It’s a never ending process.Even if you’re satisfied with your power,you still need to maintain it.Never stop in ascent.

4.Ultimate Solitude

This is the big piece of black magic,that no matter how extroverted you are(and I am very extroverted) no matter how much you can’t go long without people,the path of the left hand is not only solitary,but bases itself on detachment of the Subjective Universe from Objective Reality.

This is summarized in Stephen Flower’s book,‘‘Lords of the Left Hand Path’’,and spoken about much on this forum,but the solitude here also alludes to the solipsism the magician develops at some point or another,and the true nature of our own importance.

Because our truest teachers are ourselves,and we must meet ourselves at our primes,and see ourselves in others,because we are all aspects of the same…All.

With that in mind,I completely released it all,and the true effects began to take place,and shapes appeared in the shadows,quietly materializing.The blade I had used to slice these things had faded,and what remained was the essential process of growth here.THe powers flowed into this world.Now the Watchtowers would be called.

Calling the Watchtowers

There’s a million different systems with a million different demonci watchtowers.In this work,it is Samael,Abaddon,Lilith and Belial who are called.In a way,these spirits easily represent knowedge,love,power,and life(successful life that is) at their prime.They bring forth this,and rewrite it.

The other important thing about the Watchtowers is that they came quickly and materialized firmly,opening gates with them allowing their respective powers to flow into this world.Even if your system differs,it is advised that you use these watchtowers.

THe entities in quesiton work well,and the blends of energy are the true beauty of the thing.

Protection and Build Up

Not much to report here.Bits and pieces of me were torn out and upgraded,then readded,the entire thing was revamped,but beyond this it seemed fairly normal.I formed a wall with me every moment I opened it,and at the end they all crumbled,forming a pyramid around me.

The triangle and pyramid are strong symbols in my life,so it only made sense that that happened,and it magnified my power at the time.


The spirits came,entire legions,and I spoke to Lucifer who had descended early on as well as others.I’ve been working closely with Lucifer recently,on other projects.Besides me being whiny,and such,there isn’t much to share here.


There isn’t anything I’m allowed to share.

Closing the Gates

All powers were banished normally,there isn’t much to share.Beyond the fact that it was sealed with the ‘‘My Kingdom Come,and My Will Be Done’’ stuff.


Brought the currents into my life,and shed a light(ironically) at what I have and had.I gave me a greater peering into the truer nature of thing,and the truth of the matter is that it exposed illusions,yes,but the things in my life were well.Proper seeds were planted,but just exaggerated.My newfound vision decompressed it and allowed me to work with it.

It also helped me in several other workings by bringing the flow of the Infernal realms into my life,and warping the situations around me.

I was also taken to several astral realms of which I will share on some other occasions because I am waaay too lazy to type any more because this was already too much.


Just wanted to say that I am starting to see some changes as well as a result of this ritual. I can feel myself changing for the better in so many ways and literally wanting to put the past behind me and just move forward from here on out. I suddenly got a wave of will power come over me in which, I am actually resisting some of my usual human cravings that feel good but normally result in consequences for me.

I am resisting my occasional urges to over spend or buy something, reminding myself no you don’t need that there are more important things right now and normally I would just give in because I have $30 extra bucks that are not needed for a bill so I see no harm in that usually but I’ve just been saying nah, save it back you might need it later on. And when I go to the candy aisle at the grocer’s I am no longer tempted to buy a bunch of snacks but instead just grabbing one jumbo size candy bar and nibbling on it for several days when my sweet tooth urge attacks me.

I am basically feeling the need to reinvent myself and become a whole new person. I’ve had a name change planned for quite some time now so as soon I get some of my other responsibilities taken care of, I will be ridding myself of my birth name for good, changing my looks, everything. So thank you to Lucifer for assisting with this ritual and to Samael, Lilith, Belial, and Abaddon as well.

The commonalities between the ritual you describe there Arcane, and the experience I had working with Azi Dahaka, are striking - that leads me to think black magickal initiation naturally takes certain forms.

I’ve mentioned this before,Eva,but I did the exact same thing you underwent with Azi Dahaka,with Tiamat.

I’ve been urged to keep it private for now,in terms of what exactly happened,suffice to say,it was a very interesting and empowering experience,to completely taint my chakras.

And a lot of things in that were ridiculously similar to what happened to you,in terms of each chakra being individually infused with venom,its entire purpose altered,and a complete alteration of my physical body.

And assuming the blackish form in the astral,the weird vision-dreams,quite a bit of it.Now,these rituals were done,at a time almost immediately after that happened,so it cemented those workings into it.

So definitely you’re picking up on the two being so closely intertwined.Yes,they were very related.

I remember that, but from the desciption with Anima’s it struck me - the - let’s say, rejection then selective reassessment of family and so on, then the experience I had inside the navel chakra, of total isolation and no other things existing, that reminded me of it more strongly. Very interesting. :slight_smile:

Oh!That hadn’t actually occurred to me.

But yes,that was similar,I think most of us experience that form of being alone and devoid of anything,in order to redefine the world.It happens to most who go through the Qlipphoth,I think,in Thagirion.

We just took a shortcut or something.

Well, he kind of built it up as this big deal, and then when I was in it I was like, “Been here, done this, know the routine” which was actually pretty funny!

I desperately (could do with) need a copy of Anima’s ritual (and her story/essay) for myself, and someone to talk me through part by part. I need complete change. I need to cut off from what I feel is also an ancestral curse, and am at wits end. I feel too exhausted to even trudge on (at times). If I knew there was a way to leave my old life completely behind I would. … but I’m so tired and broken and exhausted and unmotivated because everything I’ve turned to has turned to shambles. I want to taste freedom, I want to taste me. Blaspheme sociaty, blaspheme religion and family (although I still have slight guestions in that area), I cut ties from my past and who I was, but honestly I know, even if I say it, i might fall back into it all because I’m scared my past will always catch up on me, and I will to some point give in. It’s not just about the left hand path, but I have seen and experienced this for myself one way or another, that there is unfortunately no place on this forsaken earth a man can truly be free from this awful sociaty… I truly wish I can change with minimal pain as I’m shattered already. There is no justice in this world and there never has been for me… I wish I find the light and find the light soon. X
(may this be a prayer and may it be heard)
Ps sorry if I sounded silly I’m just writing my heart out, but not so clever maybe for me to do online😑)