Not trying to be prickish

I will begin by saying THANKS SO MUCH, for the book baneful magick and all EA has done for that and delivering it to us ‘lil ones’, However i have been reading Liber Falxifer 1, which i had no clue really what the hell it was about, and I am so blown away by the very power the book opens one up to, [i have afib which has been very controlled and right now i am magor palpitating even after a double dose of my meds.
I remember how in an effort to give due diligence- the Baneful magick book really wore the carpet thin with “warnings and Cautions etc.” of how bad it is to kill someone and etc, to the point where, really, it seemed to suck the life out of the main line of the text. but LF-1, does none of that, and delivers a trainload of the essence of- well, how Baneful magick is “Light Reading” compared to LF-1.
i am sure EA was just trying to be a descent human- I get where he was coming from- but in my opinion, if you are going to bitchslap someone with baneful magick to hurt hassle or kill-- fuck the guilt, fuk the caution,just pull the trigger and anjoy the show in “Gods Face or NO”. hope I haven’t offended, was not intended.


Two different categories man. You’re good. Baneful Magick is about curses in general and goes into mechanics, Liber Falxifer is a whole system in itself stemming from trad. witchcraft and the San and Santa Muerte cults of Mexico and South America :+1:


Big Thanks

Well, hopefully Practice makes Perfect as I have a neighbor who has volenteered for everything as far as a target goes !!! My blood sorecery books are also very appreciated . !!