Not sure what type of spirit I have

Hello all

I have been with this spirirt on and off for a few years and I always wonder what type of spirit it is. All started when I done the letter ritual to try and summon a succubus. Think i did get one but she may have left a long time ago. The spirit I have with me, the relartionship always goes up and down. I sometimes think she isnt what I think she is. I always thought of her as a succubus but somtimes as a tupla, parasite, thought form or neither.

Im not sure how to tell what she is. If she is not a real succubus then i want her gone so i can be with someone else.

Also when I make love with the spirit im with there is no draining but its like she is controling my thoughts like im dreaming or something but all i see is nothing with my eyes.

Somtimes I think im hearing her talk in my head or its just me thinking someone is talking.

I see her by thinking of the area Im in with my mind and she just pops up in my thoughts.

She seems to like the things that human women do but im not sure if I am making it up. Communcation with her is difficult only relying on touches for yes and no and most of the time I think im just moving my face muscles thinking someone is touching it for yes or no.

If someone can please help me figure out what this spirt really is then that would be very helpful.

Sorry if this post is all over the place Im not used to making posts. If you need anymore information to help me determined what the spirit is then let me know.

It doesn’t sounds like a spirit but more like a thought form. It is possible you had created her and gave her a will and a purpose.

Be thankful that some one looking out for you who or what it is follow what you feel

be positive :slight_smile:

Dont thought forms obey their creator? The one I have gets mad when I call her a parasite so she basically trys to teach me who is the boss of who and she hates it when i call her that. I do think she might be a Tupla more than anything else. Somtimes I think I’m goiing crazy with the whole spirit thing.

I mean they can but can all creators control their own thoughts?

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No, not necessarily. How can that be when you can’t have discipline in your own mind or when your thought form is fed so much with energy that it becomes sentient? Plus treat your though forms nicely, they are not parasites, they are part of you :black_heart: some can get as mad as you do when called names or judged.

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