Not Resonating With Own Starsign♑️

To change your zodiac sign means to change your birth date. So no, you cannot decide what zodiac sign you’ll be from now on. But you might be able to adopt some energies from another sign or planet. That will never make you to actually be that sign though. You’ll always be a capricorn.


Are you going with the tropical or sidereal system? Because the tropical system is actually incorrect. I found out my actual sign through sidereal astrology.

Incorrect based on what? I’d suggest to check a bit the differences between tropical and sidereal.

P.S. Based on Sidereal, I’m a Cancer. Me…! A Cancer…! Hahahaha!

Hm, I feel you, I’m a Capricorn too and the stuff like “hard working, workaholic” is totally my opposite - I’m rather like “I like work, I could watch other people do it all day”… :sweat_smile: Honestly it feels like that my other planetary placements have a stronger influence on me than my Sun placement…

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@Moonlight154 Usually you would have to do your whole birth chart and see what other planets and signs influence your universal structure. If you can find your birth time, birth date and birth place information it will be more accurate. You can sign up to and you can do your birth chart there.

Scorpio and Taurus are sister signs! My best friend and I have our moons in scorpio in taurus :slight_smile:

everyone is more complex than their sun sign. check out your whole chart, and you’ll see it clearer!


newspaper horoscopes grate my nerves, as it people who know their sign don’t agree and think the whole practice of astrology is bullshit


Ikr, it’s a load of freaking made up bullshit.:rofl:

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What wouldn’t we all do for money :roll_eyes:

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It’s the same with tarot card readings. Not many actually want to hear the truth this is one of the reasons scammers can earn so much money because they will tell ‘positive news’… then again with their own conditions too.

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And the bearer of bad news gets his head cut off. I am a reader myself, but I don’t use cards unless I’m not clear about something, I do it by clairvoyance. Too many phonies out there, good news is the real ones get their business.

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*and taurus

*encourages people who don’t their sign but don’t agree to think

was I drunk when I typed this wtf :sob:

TBH, I am Capricorn too and I just dont like this sign. Thank God Sun is the only planet I’ve got in Capricorn. it’s too sober, and too serious for me and you need too much sacrifice to climb on that summit :frowning: I dont dislike YOU being Capricorn though. Just dont like that sign.

My favs are Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius together with Aquarius.

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