Not in Theta / getting visions?

Is it possible to get visions while scrying while not being in the theta gamma? After reading more about the theta gamma sync on this forum and elsewhere I dont even think I’m getting into it while scrying. But when I scry I get a lot of the same effects that I read on here. Cloudy mirror almost some grey sparkles in it and then intense violet green and it kinda hovers above the mirror, but I never get full visuals on the mirror nothing after those colors, just the same with more intensity.

However I was scrying yesterday while laying on the couch with just my eyelids and had complete colored visuals of real images after the colors started I saw this woman as clear as someone in front of me or on tv, and I saw her in many different scenes. At first I forgot what I was doing and then recognized I was seeing clear people and was most definitely awake. It was awesome I have never seen that before ever.

Before I knew what scrying was while going to sleep sometimes, often on days I had meditated I would see somewhat distorted images and didn’t even know about scrying, I chalked it up as imagination.

So is it possible to be able to do this without the sync? And how much better will the effects be if/when I can get into this state?

Yeah its a lot easier to get into the sync than it seems, so I know where you’re coming from.

When it comes to skrying (in my case atleast) you don’t even have to be deeply in the theta gamma sync, just on the very cusp of it to get results.

Maybe I’m on the verge then, Do you go into this state before falling asleep? A lot of times just laying in bed in the dark I will start to get those colors and find it difficult to sleep, at first I though it was my eyes but it doesn’t happen all the time. It seems the more i meditate the more it happens. Is there a way to shut it off? And a couple times when meditating I would get the very intense violet color and it would start spiraling almost making a tunnel that felt like I was physically getting sucked into. Those times I was concentrating on my third eye and after I would have not a head ache but some pressure in my forehead.

Yes I know exactly what you mean. Its for this reason specifically that I don’t practice eye lid skrying. Convince yourself that you cannot skry into your eye lids and your brain will get the idea within a couple of days.

If you can see the fog in the mirror, or if you can see the sigil flashing, you’re in light theta.

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Huh that’s weird cause I have felt no shift in conciseness at all. Just relaxing and wham it starts.

I used to get that often when meditating before sleep. I’ve been told that the visual effects are your minds way of combating the meditation. I just recenter myself and continue the meditation, I usually only get them now when I go very deep and start getting the weightless, room is moving, floating sensations. The visuals I get at that level are usually much more pronounced and vivid. I spent hours watching a pyramid of multicolored blocks unfold into different shapes and patterns, or a luminous city grow from the ground up or angels hovering above me. I have a bad habit when mediating that deeply to just enjoy the ride so to speak instead of recentering and clearing my mind.

^^^^ While meditating I use to try to force my minds thoughts to shut off. The more I forced the worse it was, and then one day I relaxed and didn’t get frustrated & let it flow and before I knew it I was watching a skeletal image of my self breathing in my nose and out my mouth it was almost like my body / head was expanding and I was visualizing the room in 360 view, from there I had a feeling of being outside my body and wasn’t thoughtless but watching thoughts roll on a screen, but somehow I felt as if I was on the outside of myself looking in, if that makes any sense, by far the best experience while meditating to date. The feeling was surreal and amazing!

Something kind of interesting happened the other day, when I took the lid off the pot my demon freind lives in, some actual visible smoke or fog came out of the pot, I wasn’t in the sync or anything. I think he was a little excited because during the scrying session I did when I was getting him out , some pretty cool stuff happened, probably the best scrying session I ever had.

But yeah I was in my normal awake state when I saw the fog come out of his pot, I’ve seen other stuff like that too in the past, like on the guatamala trip I tried to grab the hand of a ghost while awake, also saw one in hawaii while I was in my normal state.

Ok I don’t know if this is good or bad but for the past about 10-12 years roughly I have been getting dejavu more and more frequently. At first it was 1 or 2 times every few months but now it around 5-10 time almost every month. I mean I’ve had time when I’ve been out of state to a place I’ve never been to and know what it looks like inside. So is this normal any insight would help.

Yes, it’s fairly normal for people who are doing energetic and magickal development to experience an awakening in various abilities. Deja vu is among those. :slight_smile:

Well I haven’t started doing any energetic and magickal development yet no meditaion or anything as of yet. So does that mean that my third eye is already somewhat open or does that mean nothering?

Maybe you’re just waking up on your own - energy rising and senses opening. It’s a good sign to get to your practices.

Just to add to the above- I worked in the past with EEG hookups (in relation to accelerated learning)- and a way of focusing the eyes, soft focus (see entire square of pages but can’t really read/recog), and yet what is seen gets Brighter somehow…

anyway, there was a way we were taught to “think it”… put on the EEG, and try and go Theta (or even Alpha) relaxation etc… and it wasn’t it, do that method- and see it on the computer screen- strong Theta, or steady Alpha (depending) even though it didn’t "feel like we expected it would"
that expectation stuck in mind (especially in how it related to my chigung-energetic training, and the mental shifting- someone that has “never felt chi” so often finally does and says “oh that’s what you meant” was ignoring that, and looking for “chi”…) the two clicked…

To qualify- the distinction between “where in the brain” (lobe-wise) the waves are being measured (temporal vs more generally vs Frontal, or even-occipital (rear) -the last two are often measured in biofdbk, but ea of those two (front-forehead, vs Occipital-baseofskull) are noticed very differently…
but those “noticed” aspects are just how they affect-distort other features… clicking Say For Ex the Theta-Gamma synch… not including how that distort-affects any other functions (the usually mind-state, physiology feeling different etc.) … if just that part of mind opening… its not felt as a change, its new

(like feeling your fingers move… a new threshold like moving the fingers of a “third” hand ie a new one)
I’m not sure if that enhances your exper from reading that- as seems it relates but not sure if you can do something with that. Maybe it will opening a possibility, but it was a surprise to me to become clear that a strong

Thetabrainwave could be done without strong sensory change (and without any “relaxation”) often it correlates to both, but they go to-gether, they aren’t the same thing.

(the focus on relaxation- slowed breathing, espec relax the “forehead” and all facial-muscles, has a big impaxt, but most of all the early EEG picked up all electrical interference, and if place electrode pickups on the forehead… and breathing also sent tension signals… for what that’s worth)…

I like as EA put it - rather I’m seeing while not in, rather if seeing you are (at least to a degree) therefore in… the question is how to develop it deeper more stable and more integrated-ly *