Not 'feeling it' when working with Goetia

I have been trying to work with the Goetia for awhile now, and have had minor success with Bune helping me sell something.

However, since then, when performing rituals, I’m not feeling any precense come. I usually feel an electricity or a general feeling of uneasyness.

I’ve tried charging Bunes seal with blood, with no real results.
The only results that are arguably there have been candles flickering while performing the ritual, and incense smoke rising directly straight rather than dancing around.

Any Goetia workers have any ‘pro-tips’ to ensure things are working?

Also; any other spirits other than King Paimon and Bune that may be beneficial to work with?

Thanks in advance.


I used to be in the same spot as you and so did a lot of others so don’t worry about it.
The thing is you need to do meditation. Chackra clearing using bija mantras and there’s pleanty on YouTube for that. Don’t just work on your third eye, you need to work on all the chackra. Chi king helped me a lot as well, so I definitely recommend that.
More relaxation exercises as well, guided hypothesis helps in teaching you how to relax notice the tention in different parts of the body and be able to let it go and relax.
I know all this sounds simple but this is what makes the difference and helps you put it all together.
Start a regular routine in meditation.
Search for Adam Thoth void meditation on this site. It works for a lot of people.
For me personally the infinity meditation took me to a whole new level with this.


This is ironic that you say this actually, I haven’t been meditating alot lately. This could actually be one of the reasons for my failures as of late.

Thank you I appreciate it.


That Infinity meditation is neat. Who is that? The vid is “unlisted”.


Meditate a lot more so you can start accessing your chakra points and strengthen your senses and believe. Know in your heart that whenever you call for them, they WILL come and they are there. You may not get a physical manifestation, smell them, hear them, or feel them, but always believe that they answered the call.


That’s frank white. There’s like 3 or four interviews on that channel with ea as well
He’s got a meditation group and magic group on fb, check it out.
His courses are legit as well. He goes in on the meditation and subtle bodies as well.


frank is a beast


Yeah, this dude feels legit. In my opinion, easier to watch and listen to than EA. Not to say that Eric isn’t legit, he most certainly is. Just not always easy to watch, in my opinion. Anyway, now I’m binge-watching Frank’s stuff. Thanks!


I needed something like this to get back to where I was


It really depends what you are in to or what you are trying to do. I.e., I like Prince Stolas because of my green thumb and extracirricular activities. If you are a body builder or athlete then Orias might be good to talk to.


Some people don’t necessarily resonate with demons and that’s okay! Honestly, I resonate more with necromancy, elemental magick, runes and ATR magick than with demons but I still work with them when I feel like it.

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I’ve worked with the Goetia before with results.

It’s like I’ve lost connection.

How are you raising energy when you ‘work the goetia’? What method are you using? Try drawing in dark energy from the universe before starting your conjure, fill yourself and your circle with it and then project it into the sigil that you draw or meditate on. Invocation requires energy effort for strong manifestation as well as offerings. Do you cast an elemental circle? If so, try meditating on each of the elements for a few months and learn their power, then cast that around the circle.

Good luck with it, the demons haven’t gone anywhere!


It could be that you’re being called to a new path. Not feeling it is a good sign of that

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You don’t have to stay in the box, for e.g. i don’t work with goetic spirits in the style of the goetia you can research who they were before demonification and work with the godself, or you can litrally go the pagan root and see which other gods come to you. I usually suggest to beginers to do a year of mythological research starting with areas you have an intrest in aka ancient greece or egypt or some other civilisation. Once you start there will usually be a deity who will try and get your attention through either name repition or signs.

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The same thing is happening to me. The first time I called out to Lucifer, he came very quickly and I could feel his powerful and overwhelming energy. This happened without me using any ritual tools or a physical sigil. I have tried doing it again but can’t seem to feel the same energy so I’m not sure if hes even there.

But how do I know what path im being called to?

Are you able to communicate with spirits?
If not maybe that’s why, spirits tend to get discouraged when they can’t talk to the individual their summoned by.

I generally trust my intuition with their replies , but have never heard audible words from anything.

Do you speak internally with them or are you using your intuition to get the overall idea of what they want sometimes results might come off iffy with only intuition.