Not enough hours in the day

I am not sure what topic heading this should go under so here goes. I am finding at the moment as much as I love studying and reading about magick and performing rituals, I am just finding that I don’t have enough hours in the day as I am working an 8 1/2 hour shift with an hour’s travelling each way.

Anyways my main point is that I would like to create some familiars to help me gather information for me and help with research which I can then transcribe into my books of shadows at the weekend. During my working week before work I do my morning ritual, which I try to keep updated daily, and after my shift is done, I workout and later on do my qigong and meditation and candle meditatiin before bed. I am asking for some advice in how to perform a ritual to create familiars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance🤘


It’s all about your mind. the mind can learn things so fast. you have to train your mind to store and recall info. There’s a technique called photoreading that can cut your reading time to 1/3 and even more 1/3 of that if you practice the skills. They teach you how to get information at faster rate by how your unconscious mind works. It can even teach you to improve skills too through trance. did you know that you can improve your skills of anything if you practice it in your dreams? Then there is memory techniques you can learn. Learning is about memory storage and recall. U just have to learn to process info faster. Example : reading. you don’t read each word. You read sentences and make images for faster processing. The words makes no sense unless in sentence and each sentence need paragraphs to create a movie. So you learn by image reading or processing sentences to make a movie image. It takes practice.

reading and research is about gathering info, ideas ,concepts , not reading each word that many get use to or conditioned from how they teach you to read in elementary school. Also you can read visually which speeds things up instead of vocally pronunciating each word in one’s mind.

Tons of books on how to learn effectively. You should have a problem finding more info on it.

Just like qi gong practice. It takes more time in beginning but when you get more skillful you need less time to cultivate energy as when you first learn qi gong. Time isn’t a factor. YOu make more time by being more efficient at your activiites.


@anon37593562 thank you so much for your input. I need something like this as I feel like I have gone up another level. Now I am have a real hunger for knowledge and I need to be able to fast read like you say. I will be honest with you my short term memory is terrible but my long term memory is amazing and I can recall many things from my childhood and the past. But I will defintely learn that technique as I am going to need it in the near future. :rofl:

The reason I want to create a familiar is to a). Expand on my magickal and creation skill set, b). To set the familiar tasks that I may not be able to undertake in the physical world, c). To seek out information that is well hidden. d). To assist me in magickal workings and magickal experiments. I have done some preliminary research and I have an idea what to do but I will delve deeper into it.

Again thank you for your advice. :metal:

photoreading by paul scheele . There’s another definition for photoreading that is a different term for something else. Photoreading is the best system i found for using to gather info and learn from literal materials. And i dont even use it as often and properly and get great results using parts of it.

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I shall look that up and buy that book probably next weel

Have you ever worked with the Angels Of Alchemy book?
There’s an angel there that is discribed like this:

" Shemshiel - Angel of Illumination

Shemshiel is an angel of efficiency and can cast light on areas of your life
that are more of a burden that you realize. If you find that you never have
enough time, call on Shemshiel to illuminate the blockages in your life. You
will find that you become aware of habits, practices, and styles of work that
are not working effectively for you. The angel will also give you the intuition
to discover better ways of going about your daily life, and your work life, to
get more done with less effort."

"Gavoriel - Angel of Harmony

Finding harmony in a hectic life can be difficult. When you feel
overwhelmed […]
The angel can even make it feel like time has slowed down for you, so that you
are able to achieve more in less time, and remain close to a feeling of
personal harmony."

Now, i haven’t particularly work those particular Angels (for what i remember… maybe Gavoriel once) but… I have had some good results with that book.

I have the book, Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand. It is pretty good. I created five servitors that when combined, do just about everything for me.

Cool…I found a bit of research on youtube about how to create them…did create your servitors to conicide with any of the lunar mansions?

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Oh wow. No, I did not. I didn’t even think to. They were created to work with each other as a team. They seriously are my “crew”.

The one who is my protector is an owl. He gets a sacrificial mouse to eat twice a year. The others get various offerings. I am very pleased with them and they haven’t gotten out of control either.

Are you looking into using the lunar mansions when you create yours? And how so?

I can’t believe you have an owl for your servitor as I thought about creating an owl type servitor earlier today. What are you doing to with your synchronicities @Single_Seed_In_Hell? :rofl:

Yes I am looking to use the lunar mansions so I can make my servitor very powerful and inbue it with as much energy and intent when it is born. I am even thinking of gestating it from new moon to the full moon where it shall be born on. However I have to learn the macrocosim and the microcosim meditation ritual in order to have enough energy to gestaye it and birth it.

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Woah. That is some crazy synchronicity! :joy: I love it! Owls are silent predators and so I figured, perfect.

That is such a good idea. Now I wish I would have thought of that before I birthed mine. That will definitely give it extra power.

What/where is this ritual from? Very interested general relativity and quantum physics as it applies to all things.

The macrocosim and microcosim meditation is well known in the martial arts world as it relates to unlocking the universe inside of you while connecting with universe on the outside is how I see it but I might be wrong. Either way it opens up the energy gateways within you to receive more energy from the cosmos

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I have summoned the archangel Metatron to expand my available time, with good results. The power worked in many ways, some pretty mundane like helping me be more efficient with getting work done, not getting distracted as much, and some in more obviously magickal ways, like removing external factors that consumed more time than was necessary and rearranging events to work better with my schedule.

This is somewhat different from your actual request. For creating familiars to help with your magick, that is actually the purpose of my first servitor, which I created using the methods of Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand. At the time I thought I would be needing all sorts of wands and tools and stuff, but these things are unnecessary, so she’s brought me many books. Some are about magick, some are about mundane topics, but all are very good.

If you’d like I can share her name, sigil, and summoning words.

Thanks for the offer but I think your servitor is very much attuned to your energy and intent and therefore will only obey you. I need to do more research as what I have today is only minimal. I am going to create my own when I am ready. Atm I don’t have high enough energy levels and my visualisation skill needs a lot of work also. I will create mine basing it on the lunar cycle and using the lunar mansions to make it as powerful as possible.

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Focus on things step by step. Don’t go around learning all kinds of magick types . That’s inefficient. lol. being all over the place.

That is what I will be doing. While working on myself I will still be performjng basic magick spells just to keep my magickal skillset constantly improving. My other skills that are lacking are my main focus atm.

I couldn’t agree more. I want to learn as much as possible about all types of magick while still keeping my base steady. I have a very specific list of things to improve upon and I am checking them off one by one.

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