Not curse but hold them accountable

Im new to the forum so hello

I have a question, there are some individuals who harmed me in the past. Some were physical- others emotional, it is not my intention to bring the ultimate demise of them, however what can I do or how could I petition so that these people would know and understand how they hurt me? Like for them to be visited in a dream etc… as I said I am still learning and have not done that before .

Thank you!


Well, what can you do? Or what can you do, magickally, that you feel works for you?

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Sorry for the late reply lol your question caused me to do some thinking and I was able to decide what would work best. I did the petition and now will update with results as they come. Thanks for helping me see that I just needed to look inward :upside_down_face:

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Personally, I have had good luck using simple Karma spells to direct the negative back at them. Let’s Karma see the pain and trouble caused by the individual and to do it’s work. In my experience this is simple and effective… but I was fortunate to have very personal objects of the individuals in which to use during the various spells.

Just mho.

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