Not controling a LD

Last night I had a lusid dream and decided to let it play out and see where I end up. It took me to a place where no one would ever imagine to go not even the darkest description of hell would come close to it. But I went along with it all the way. Have any of you done this and where did you end up?

So what did you get out of it Deon? I rarely let LD’s go on auto-pilot, I have normal dreams for that, but I do feel that many of the ideas or inspirations we have at such moments are “inserted” by our guiding element (HGA/HS/Demons spirits/Guides or what you like to enjoy). I myself recently decided on the fly to create a manifestation base out of nothing, I hadn’t prepared for it nor did the idea organically come into being during the lucid dream, I just on the spot decided that was the thing to do. It propelled me lightyears from where I am now in a single dream. So I’m curious of your “hell” brought you something.

Not too long ago during a dream I realized I was in dream state. I then said hey let me see if I can send up next to my body. Then I was there. hunched over. That is all I really remember. My main goal is to leave and just mess around. Then take it further.

I am still trying to decode everything I saw, my intention was mealry to observe if there was a reason I was in this state or if it was just a random act. I can not fully describe what I saw and due to it being a lucid dream I could wake my self up any time I wanted to. A few of the things showed to me was horse running around on fire and in pain, people being raped wile on fire and others slowly being eaten alive while being incapable of moving or screaming. The other things I still am trying to figure out. I could physically on my body feel the heat as the horses ran past me… Well that’s all I can say now. But this was not a warning of sorts but the entire thing felt more like knowledge given

Dreams, whether lucid or regular, are always an aspect of ourselves. I’d try and figure out exactly why you experienced such horrible acts. Generally when I experience cruelty or harshness it is because I am too concerned with my fellow men and women and it halts my progress, likely it is different for you but what I’m trying to say is that randomness has no place in this as far as I am concerned.