Not being able to invoke Marbas

So what happened:

So basically last night at 7:40 I tried to invoke Marbas.

I haven’t invoked any demons-I’m a noob at this stuff.

So I prepared to invoke him. I draw his sigil. I said (“Marbas, come appear before me” 3 times. I then repeated his enn- his demonic enn) 10 times

The first time I was focusing on the mirror but nothing happened. The second try was with focusing on the sigil. Nothing happened again. I then turned off all the lights and did it but again nothing.

I believe it must be something to do with me not meditating enough, or the fact that it might have not worked because I used a standard glass mirror-I made a discussion on it so I probably should use my iPad screen tonight when I try again.
I don’t really meditate but i do calm myself down by doing deep breaths. I had a bit of anxiety doing it the first time but i got over it. Im really self aware and I’m really powerful when i put my mind to it stuff.

I’m just really confused why it didn’t work. I do believe Marbas was there but since I haven’t evoked any demons or angels yet I might have not got the signals to communicate.

If anyone can help or that would be great!

Have you worked on your senses? If you have no senses development, you won’t hear, see, feel anything.

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How can I improve my senses?

Meditation and working in your chakras, mostly.

Some spirits can help you. Demons, for example, but I’ve been told that others, such as incubus and sucubus can do it too (which is like shooting yourself in the foot, if you want a sucubus/incubus, you want to see, hear and feel them from the start).

There are several guides available in the forum, just search using the magnifying glass in the top right corner.

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Yeah ok thanks. I will look more into incubus and sucubus. Also which one of them would be better to summon?

I wouldn’t go with incubus and sucubus, since they’re usually more for people with an interest in companionship and emotional/sexual relationships. Also, I’ve been told they’re very emotional.

For serious help, there is pathworking for Lucifer. The outcome would be whatever you want, but way faster. YOU STILL HAVE TO PUT THE EFFORT. Spirits may and will asist, but won’t do everything for you.

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Ok. I’m ready to put all the effort I can give, but how can I do it?

Also what spirits can help me with my senses?

As others have said your psychic senses probably aren’t developed enough. While I don’t believe spirits always come when someone calls many do even if you’re new to this. I work with Marbas pretty regularly and he’s always been easy for me to contact. But then again, he came to me so it’s not a fair comparison. However, if I send him to heal someone they usually (even if they don’t do magick) feel him when he arrives.

I recommend “Summoning Spirits” by Konstantinos (for the exercises), “Questing After Visions” by E.A. Koetting, and “Become the Malestrom” by D.H. Thorne. All them have something of value on psychic development.

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Ok. I will have a look into all of those. Also are they books or videos? One more thing, with summoning Marbas what are some of the things I should look out for after envoking him? Thanks

Those are books but there are a ton of free videos on YouTube about developing psychic senses. The ones you really want to focus in on are the more practical ones. Look for videos that actually have methods, techniques, or exercises building them up. The main thing with opening your psychic senses up is to give yourself a few months to practice. Have patience, don’t overthink the process.

Most people, including myself, usually feel buzzing waves of energy flowing through them or around them. He’s always came to me as a giant celestial lion in appearance with a calming voice (not too high, not too low). Like other spirits if he needs to get a message to you he can do it through synchronicities if nothing else. I would also recommend using some type of divination to communicate with Marbas. A pendulum or a tarot deck would be a good place to start. I know this might be an overload so take your time. You’ll achieve it if you work at it.


Alright. Ill look into some videos and stuff but I usually get buzzing feelings in my finger tips when I’m resting or feeling really good that go through my hand. its probably pins and needles but yet it doesn’t anything feel like it at all idk.