NOT another HELP me get my ex back thread

I said I would never do it.
But here I am.
I suppose it is been perhaps the underlined theme behind my saga.
Grrr suddenly my name is more lame… more so.
Maybe if I get him back I’ll change my name.
Or maybe the Saga will really just be beginning.
We’ll see.
Anyways what makes this post really different is I don’t want to use any more magick,
Or at least being supercareful not to fuck with his will, but probably none.
But wait why am I posting this here then?
Well I need a place to post this and ask this and I think you will find it is just weird enough to pass for fitting with this forum.
So I plan on emailing him tomorrow on the 6th.
Something strange about that day. Anyone an Astrologer?
Anyways I might get hit by a death curse, a golim attack, or God knows what if I do this.
This guy might be a bit odd. lol
I already asked about those things but it might be a bit risky is what I am saying.
Uhhh can I just wrap myself in mirrors for a few days? lol
So there’s also that.
But what I need most of all is a good attention grabbing , click baity email headline for the email.
It has to be good enough to get him to read nearly 30 pages when he is already sick of / a bit scared of me. lol
I already used the headline:
“Will vs will +Trust + FATE+Magick+Demons&The Power Of The Moon And So Much More!”
But I am pretty sure that is why he sent scary demons after me the last time. lol
Is played out and it turned out it was me… duh! lol
I was thinking I would use the headline:
“J____, I Am Back From Hell And I’m Going to Get You!!!”
That would really make me stand out from all the other sluts that are surely messaging him. lol
But I don’t think so. I don’t want to risk another black magick street battle.
Last time I had so many scary demons, one raped my anus and I started getting perverted nightamares, where I would wake up so terrified and horny at the same time.
Oh fuck this has better go over at least okay. shit. lol
So I played out the “You are in serious danger headline”
Plus I don’t want him thinking the whole time he is reading it, how I am going to attack… I mean he will anyways probably, but I want to limit that as much as possible.
although I haven’t used that one, hmmmm.
Something that says I am sorry, I wanna get back with you or at least be friends but make it SO BIG! Larger than life!
He seems to get bored easy and always want to be super impressed and blown away.
I want you to come up with you’re most insane out there attention grabbing headlines for the most bad ass black magician alpha male to possibly get a boner over.
Do we have any copywriters in the house tonight? Do you worst and inspire me with something really out there.


How about “Hey wanna be friends?”
After all these “notice me senpai” headlines I bet he’ll be impressed by the simplicity of this one from you.


Magician or not, he’s still a man. Shouldn’t be so difficult to get his attention. Especially if you never done it in that way before. Like said above… something simple and lay back might just be the thing you need. Like a confusing sucker punch. When something is given easily, it usually isn’t worth having. Men want what they cant have.


Subtle. :thinking: :laughing:

Whereas you’re obviously completely normal. :+1:

Subject: This is the spirit possessing your psycho ex (your name)

She made a pact with me to cut and clear, she’s just gotten over you and met a nice guy, but I need more sacrifices, so come over tonight while I still have full possession and fuck her, we’ll film it, and send him the video…



So I went with:
“This Chick Will Do FUCKING ANYTHING!!! You Gotta See This Bro!!! (SURFS UP!!!) RFOL;)”
And then attached it to a fake guys name from a new account.
Omg no wonder he thought I was crazy. lol

But I sent the email and it got rejected. I thought he blocked me so hard that even fake accounts registered with my phone number were blocked.

I tried sending a simple text. It got through.

Then he texted back.

I then started texting back and I started rhyming again.

I nearly shit myself because that was the first symptom last time before I got hit by the demonic binding spell.

Then I felt something similar to the first time too that followed.

But I didn’t have the kind of guilt or fear that I had the first time. I felt well I am also protected by Angels, Necronmoicon deities, Kali, a whole ton of people praying for me and I am about to add more, yours would be greatly welcome too.

But I that being said I sort of wonder if it is a panic attack? Based on the trauma of what happened last time, maybe he never put any spells on me at all, maybe it was just I was in such shock that it triggered a bunch of low level entities.

I don’t know. Anyone want to do an energy scan?

I did one on the forum but no one answered.

Anyways at one point before all this happened I heard what I strongly thought was him telepathically messaging me saying he might try to kill me if I couldn’t be a hermit for the rest of my life. Then all the stuff started happening the next day.

So this time I bulked up with psychic protection first. Why would I risk all this happening to me again and even death just to email him?

Well I am probably a little nuts but mostly because I really like him. lol

Can any one do an energy scan?

I will keep you updated if I survive.

So still alive. But I know know what it is like to be attacked by both angels and Demons.

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