Not a projection but a something

Okay so I smoked a rather strong joint last night

Did wim hof

Did a subliminal for unblocking your mind for the astral

And did an astral projection guided meditation

Now I don’t actually think I did project but I did have some bizarre experiences

One thing was I just knew that there was no time - time stopped existing unless I focused on being present in my body

Another thing was it was at one moment a flash like something took a photo of my mind

I got up and checked in a mirror and could still see I wasn’t in the astral which is why I don’t think I projected

But it was like being in different places at the same time

I feel like there’s bits I don’t remember of my experience but it was like just knowing some stuff that was pretty cool and I’d really like to remember all of it as I remember thinking ahhhh I get it I hope I don’t forget this

Obviously I had smoked but I felt very clear after the wim hof like I wasn’t high anymore just alert