Norse mythology and magick

I am interested in anything you would want to talk about regarding norse. I recently found out that I am Scandinavian decent and know very little of the subject.


It is not necessary to have Scandinavian roots for practice with runes. I am using runes mostly for the divination and tried to contact the Norse deities. I am combining runes and work with Demons. The book of Thomas Karlsson “Uthark: NIghtside of Runes” could give you a first impression.


Thank you for the advice.
I know my roots are not necessary for this. I just didn’t have any idea that this was in my ancestry and realized that it might be something worth looking into. I have been practicing other ways for over 20 years. I am just curious about it. I realized that I don’t really know anything much about the culture. It might resonate well with me if I find out more.


Hello :wave: I just found out your thread i’m very happy to see someone interested in runes I’ve Started studying runes in February 2018 to February 2019 and it’s incredible and unbelievable all the possibilities you have with runes. I’ve always practice let say Middle East magic by that I mean Kabbalah for exemple but runic magic is very powerful. I hope to chat with you. Anyway take care and see you soon I hope


Also I forgot to mention the main source about Runes and Norse mythology: the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda. All modern investigations are derived from this source.


I’ve always practice let say Middle East magic by that I mean Kabbalah for exemple but runic magic is very powerful

I think it is very individual. For me, the Aesir were sufficient more harder to contact than Demons. But I had success with Hel (she is Jotun and Godess of death).


Be careful about how much you trust those sources. There are a few things in the Prose Edda that are later additions, like dark elves and high, just-as-high, and third, these are examples of fakelore that Snorri added in.


Goddess Hel yes totally it must be very impressive to work with her. I work with the Vanir Gods mostly with the Goddess Freyja and the rune Fehu who enter my life like a bull literally


I started down this road last year and am still exploring.

I am considering myself to be a chaos magician meaning no rules I blend whatever the heck I want to together and create my own personal system as a result

But I am also of european descent english german and greek

No it’s not necessary for practicing nordic magick but I’m giving background on myself here

When I first came across runes in a curio shop I was instantly drawn to them. I knew nothing about them had never even heard of them. But when I held the runes in my hands I felt tangible electricity I knew whatever this was I had to explore it

I bought my first set of beautiful rose quartz runes and a book to learn by

I also enlisted the help of my druid friend who I knew was very knowledgeable of european culture and magick. Runes happened to be his specialty and I have been fortunate enough to learn aspects of northren european shamanism from him.

I was familiar with tarot cards and expected the runes to be a similar practice but different system but they were more alive than the cards were and instantly connected me to my ancestors

It didn’t feel like this information was being pulled from myself like with the cards it felt like the runes connected me to spirits human and inhuman

I came to learn that this was a magickal practice my ancestors would have used hands down and they connected me to the gods and spirits of my ancestors

And anyone from any culture can attest to the magick of their ancestors being very powerful to them

I came to realize through the runes I had a connection to the vanir (nature spirits) The vanir are gods like Freya Frey and Mani (the moon)

The runes could also be classified as sigil magick

So if you’re looking for a starting point get yourself a set of runes (or make them yourself) and see what they reveal to you

They showed me a LOT about myself and have been very influential in me creating my own magick system


Thank you for for sharing. I enjoyed your post.

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No problem! I enjoy being here and being able to swap experiences with others. If you ever have any questions on runes or norse dieties feel free to inbox me

I’d like to hear more about your path as you journey along

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Very interesting I really liked what you said about seeing runes as sigil I totally agree runes are very powerful it gave me the opportunity to know myself to transform myself mentally and physically and like you I’m connected to the Vanir. I hope we gonna have the chance to talk about runes someday.



Your name has hands down always been one of my favorite names. PM me anytime to talk about runes and the vanir totally open to it

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With great pleasures. You can count on me and thank you very much. Runes are incredible it totally became a big part in my life. I love and have a huge respect for Runic Magic. It’s very powerful and you learn so much thanks to the elder futhark