Norns and runick encounters

So last Tuesday I decided that I needed some help and that the gods couldn’t and wouldn’t help me so I when to the Norns I soul traveled to mimers well where I waited for them for about an hour. When one the Norn of future came to me she told me that I need not tell her what I need for she already knew. Then she gave me an experimental rune that she said that no mortal could recrate and that it would allow me to circumvent other tunes and there abilities. Then she told me to put my clothes back on because while I was waiting I removed them because they were too hot. She then left and I came back to my body. The only problem is that it burns where she pressed the rune into my chest.


Did she say what the rune was for specifically?
Did she give you anymore information?

If you don’t mind telling me the rune in a PM, I’m just curious as to what it was.