Whilst this is not specifically magick related and rather just life improvement in general, I was curious if anyone uses/has used nootropics such as the assorted “racetam” family of products.

If so, did you notice an increase in cognition that justified their cost (actually fairly low in Australia)? Did it improve/influence your spiritual pursuits such as meditation? Have you used it in conjunction with any entheogens?

I am probably going to get some this week but was curious how people find them.

I source all my supplements from the website, a resource I have been using since I was into body building several years ago. They are cheap and they ship fast (in Australia). I am not sponsored by them but I feel it is a resource that Australian Acendants should take advantage of in enhancing their diets.

What is it? I’m just getting back into bodybuilding myself, you know the whole “make your body strong” thing.

They are meant to improve memory, cognition speed, problem solving, etc.

Steroids for the mind or so the hype says.

I totally vibed the “make your body strong”, I doped my weight lifting then because of time constraint and joint damage (big weights, 6 days a week) and shift my focus to martial arts and yoga. But after reading BOA I picked up the weights and much like EA am training much smarter, and spending less time (also I don’t really want to look like a stripper this time round), I have definitely noticed an increase in my sense of power

I might look into that stuff, might be just what I need, my brain looks like Swiss cheese these days.

6 days a week is a lot for anybody, you need more rest for muscle repair and development, no wonder you had joint issues mate. I’m doing 4 days a week, 45-60min work outs with heavy weights. There’s nothing wrong with looking like a stripper lol, in fact I miss looking like a Mr. Universe, only this time I won’t be touching steroids again. I had forgotten how powerful you feel when you work out. Certainly helps with getting into a Godlike mindset.

Im preferring the Bruce Lee look I have going on these days much better, but I was single and living on the Gold Coast (think Jersey Shore for the non-Australians) at the time, so you know, needs must!

Although I was training 6 days, I actually had a pretty balanced program 2 of those days were cardio. My big problem was bad technique when performing integrated lifts and overloading my wrists doing reverse curls.

That god-like mindset is totally where its at.

There was power in Bruce Lee’s body too, nice choice. I know what you mean about the Gold Coast, my father lives there, it is without a doubt the most shallow, self absorbed place I’ve ever been. The coke is good there and you would have been swimming in pussy (you know how those lovely ladies up there are like :wink: ), at least that would have been a positive.

Wait, where is this place lol? I totally agree with the strong body thing. Plus working out makes you feel fantastic. Just a tip, doing legs early in.the week (I hate doing legs at all) but it seems to release more test or something…my work outs are usually always better and I feel stronger.

The Gold Coast is on Australia’s east coast, it is literally a beach and a handful of crappy night clubs. Loverly for holidays, especially for the young and horny but is entirely lacking in anything that even closely resembles culture or erudition.

Hey Alkaloid fuck the southern meet/greet let’s grab mode and head there for a week.

Soundwave thanks for posting about this. I’ve heard of them before but never knew what they did. Very intriguing.

I had a guy give me a brand new in box Total Gym because he never got around to using it. I’ve been using it and really can tell my energy level and overall mood have improved. I hurt my left hand pretty bad a few years ago and can’t bend it into push-up/bench press positions so I gave up the the gym and my body suffered from it. I guess I can aspire to look like either Chuck Norris or Christie Brinkley…probably Chuck since I hate to shave.

I live in Mississippi if any of you southern gents decide to head down this way… and yea one thing I’ve learned from Norse shamanism is that strength of the body definitely increases the strength of your mind and therefore increases the strength of your magick. I’m not saying to take crazy drugs but go running and lift. Personally I worked at a lumberyard for the past two years and I weigh 297 which most of that is muscle so you can all go do that and it works wonders

I used piracetam off and on for a while, and so did my partner. It did seem to improve our memory and cognition, and in her case, it also improved her overall mood. Research your specific chemical to find out how to best use it. In the case of piracetam, among other things it increases your brains ability to use more choline, thus increasing your need for it; so when you were taking it you also needed a solid daily source of choline for maximum effect and to stave off headaches. I used lecithin as my choline source as it was cheap and pretty easy to eat - just mix it with milk/soy milk, or add it to food.

If you plan on using your nootropic long-term, or at least in large quantity, buy the powder in bulk and the capsules in bulk and cap your own. Buying it pre-capped is really expensive, and the powders themselves will always taste terrible, even a strong juice won’t cover the flavor. If you just want to try it out, a small bottle of pre-capped might be a good way to go - do your own price-comparison to figure it out.

@the wandering fool…you gotta bring necro and I on said trip…lol…

You in the south too? Just saw Necro was in Mississippi. We can go down under to raise some hell.

I’m on the east coast…Connecticut…that would be an epic gathering…raising hell in multiple variations of the expression…lol…

Was there any particular reason you stopped taking piracetam redcircle?

Not really any bad reason, just got out of the habit.

I viewed it as a way to improve my mind, like taking supplements for your body when working out. Some of the more potent nootropics you definitely want to cycle with though - you can’t just use them continuously, from the research I’ve done. Much like doing juice cycles, gotta give all the chemistry time to chill out from the added stress of growth and such.

One final question, would you say that you have retained the benefits or have they subsided now you have stopped taking?

Well, I think it’s half and half. What I mean is that the benefits are at their peak some time into the cycle while you’re still taking them. After you stop taking them, the effect drops off a bit and then very slowly tapers.

I feel like it’s kind of like lifting weights. You’ll be at your strongest when you’re still lifting. As long as you stay at a maintenance level, you’ll stay strong. When you stop lifting, your strength will slowly decline but you keep the benefit for quite a long time.

Also keep in mind that I only took piracetam + lecithin. Some of the other drugs may be more or less dependent on actually having the drug in your system, while others will build you up. The way piracetam is supposed to work is to actually help your brain build up more effectively, thus leaving you with more when you’re done. Others might work by speeding up connections or opening up blood flow, etc.

But yea, I feel like it left a somewhat permanent improvement. Or if you will, it helped repair damage I had done with other substances, haha. My memory is pretty solid, where it was hazy for a number of years. However, meditation is also supposed to be good at speeding up the process of healing the brain from a neuro standpoint, so…

I personally have administered piracetam to mainly stroke patients with little effect but gives a better protection to tia patients alonwith uncle takes these drugs after his tia and is quite fine.

piracetam+citicholine stuff gives much better results.Even m thinkin of tryin the combo.

Also piracetam is known to increase lucid dreaming to great extent.

astralreek: yea, I mentioned it, but I used lecithin as my choline source. I definitely agree that it’s nearly a must to use them together.

Also, I meant to mention this earlier, but a number of friends of mine who took piracetam reported a great increase in their lucid dreaming as well, so it’s interesting that you mention it too. These friends aren’t really magickal-type people, they were more the type to experience things through chemistry, for what it’s worth.