Nootropics To improve Your Magic

I recently responded to a post on herbs to help with trance, visualization, and magic. Any natural nootropics I’ve ever tried I have found exceedingly helpful in all these areas, they generally in My experience improve lucid dreams, trance work, and any visualization and focus oriented magic. So… All Magic haha. There inexpensive in bulk “Bacoppa for example is 30$ a pound” and awsome to experiment with. Bacoppa, Ginko, Huperzine, Lions mane Mushrooms, Ornmus, Monotomic Gold, acetyl-l-carnitine on an empty stomach, Rape’ Shamanic Snuff, Celastrus Paniculatus.

Much Love


Smoke mugwort. I stuff some in the end of my cigars and it aids in projection and divination. I’ll have to try your suggestions.


I’ve not heard of this and have been using Acetyl L for years. Care to expand on your experience with it, method of use, etc?


100% Pure Xocolatl (Chocolate) has been a great aid in my communication with entities. Lilith was a clear good example of that, she heard me and have already help me with the goal in less then a day.


Side effects?

Are we talking eaten or that stuff people are snorting, chocolate wise?

So Acetyl l carnitine with the Acetyl is able to pass the blood brain barrier. At which point it works as a precursor for acetylcholine. Which is your most abundant neurotransmitter. It assists in learning, memory, arousal " we could all use more arousal in lives" and neuroplasticity so growing new cells and forming new neuropathways. The reason you get all those benifits only on an empty stomach is amino acids compete for absorption with protein, and carnitine by iteslve is what your body produces to turn fat into energy so on a full stomach it will help you turn the food into energy as apposed to being somthing like a direct brain food


it didn’t changed anything for me, except that it probably is guilty of robbing my sleep,
to eat daily the multible amounts of the suggested amounts of vitamins and tyrosine

Or take a 0,75 - 1,25 L Pot, and put into it a bunch of mugwort, as big as a fist when pressed together, and then add boiling water, and let it sit for at least one hour.

= a black, thick and very interesting substance
around as or even more black as coffee

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Oh, okay. Actually I have heard that before. I have been using it for fat burning, but my grandfather has been using it for the same reasons you explained above. He swears by it, and at 80 years old being as sharp as he is mentally I believe him…


Good shortcutted summery.
I feel you kinda miss out on Dragons Blood and Benzoe.
Those are very handy.
Salvia Indicum isn’t mentioned aswell, while it is one of the most general tools of cleansing, wiedly used.

Good one anyways. :smiley:



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Yaah, i remember it. I made use of it, while when i got it it was labled “Spanish Fly”, i remember checking the ingridients and the main effect creator of it was Acetyl l carnitine. It was considered an Aphrodisiac when i got it and i remember feeling warmed, darkened, enflamed. basically feelings that normally go along with demonic Energy. Yet i wasn’t to much impressed of it back then, and quickly left it away, as i felt it might rather undermine my other alchemical changes i was working on.

Good you reminded me, thanks.


Sorry, didn’t see your message. The only side effects would be of eating too much. Like a little stomach cramps or that you start to have a “psychedelic trance”. Like you just love whatever you touch and your thoughts are unorganised.

But you really won’t get to that point unless you keep eating and your body is telling you “Hey buddy, i’m full. I can’t take more, stop!”

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I personally eat them. I like that taste and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Snorting is really just to have the effect come faster.

P.S: Your sneezes will be funny and dusty.

Does it help you hear/see them?

For me it’s been a very effective tool to actually fell them. My brain is still trying to tune into hearing them, but I can get thier message more clearly now. Thanks to Xocolatl, the fruit of the Gods.

The more I developed my senses, the more golden Xocolatl will have it’s effect on you. I’ll say it’s a great beginners tool for your magical practices and for the advanced students as well.

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Perfect. Thank you.

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I recommend that you get you chocolate as clean as possible. The more clean of sugar and other unhealthy substances added to it, the more potent it will be.

Of course there’s is the matter of bitterness. But if you don’t like that, you can always add honey to it. The Mayans did that on special occasions, and it made the chocolate become more sweet without losing it’s nutritional values.

There are lots of vendors selling 100% raw chocolate or Cacao beans for that matter.


I’m good with 75-80% so I think I’ll do as you recommended with the honey. Thank you my mad brother :joy:

You really know a lot about this eh?

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The Mad God does have a passion for tasteful things. Chocolate, CHEESE and luring adventures into the delightful path of Madness HAHA!

Can I borrow your eyes? My wabajack needs a new perspective in life.