Non Judeo Sigil/Seal

I’m looking for sigils that are not from any Judeo influence. Any Demons that are not of that persuasion either. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Would love some input here so BUMP BUMP BUMPING

Well… Spirits from the Ars Goetia actually predate Abrahamism. They were later demonized by Christian demonologists and magicians, but one is free to call on them outside of that Abrahamic system.

Now, here’s a list of demonic sigils:


How about Lugh? Anything symbolic of the Sun and it’s light work. Not a demon, though.

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Most sigils are a judeo construct. I advise asking directly from other traditional deities. Or any being. You’ll find success in those also.

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If you are looking for demons specifically you could explore work with ahriman and the divs aka persian demons/devils


Agreed, they pre-date and also work against all that stuff, highly recommended. :smiling_imp:


Thanks for all the replies folks! Been called to Ahriman and it looks like it’s in my fate, thank you for your input!

Listening to the vid now

Thanks man it was good to listen to that vid, it matches my current philosophy. I’ve felt the call for some time now, got some work to do!

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And am going to aquire that book as soon as I can.