Non-Demonic Infernal Spirits

What it sounds like. Infernal here is used to refer to anything remotely Black. Everything from the Fae to Fallen Angels to Prince Zandor to actual Demons. Demons have been talked about a lot though, so here I want to focus on everything else. Let’s compile a list of all the non demonic Black Entities that a prospective dark sorcerer could work with.


Any of the names in the goetia (I’m not listing all 72)
I’ll be back with more.

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Gorgons are real alright. Could send you one if you want. I am assuming that’s the reason for the question mark.


No I was questioning her traits for this.

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@Aiden_Crow Oh okay. Sorry. I think she fits in quite nicely. Definitely a dark entity.

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Lovecraftian deities (although I will admit they’re not for everyone)


@Aiden_Crow Thank you.

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I dunno if they fit into the category of infernal, they have always seemed kinda beyond the polarities that most entities get associated with. It’s definitely a darker current possibly related to the void.

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Honestly I just listed the darker entities I knew.

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It’s been my experience tbh. Thing is, define infernal and demonic and “black”.

i would say the vibe i got from Azazel’s energy would fit into all 3, least from the handful of interactions I’ve had with him.

With the crawling chaos the energies were similar to Ahriman but more mutable if that makes since. Kinda like if he wanted he could manipulate the spectrum of divine “light” and “darkness” at will. This is why to me he seems to get beyond what we would define demonic,angelic ect. He doesn’t fit into these attributes cause he chooses not to, hence the 1000 forms he is known to have. Each being an aspect of his power.

Cthulhu is a whole other case altogether. I still can’t begin classify what his energies compare to because i haven’t found anything that is similar. Most would try to compare it to either the demonic,infernal,celestial,angelic, elemental or planetary energies that are used in a lot of systems but his energy to me at least is just to damn alien for me to attempt to do so.

I honestly didn’t put him.down because I felt he was a given

Fair enough, I used him as my example only cause he is one of the only demonic spirits that made themselves known to me by name over the years. He made a potent point to ID himself both energetically and throwing a mountain of synchronicity at me within a week so I knew who i was dealing with. It was insane how much info about him fell on my head back then in that one week.

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Yay! You looked into her aspect !

Kali Ma, Babalon ( but more consider her a red goddess ), Baba Yaga, Angrboda, Nicneven, Czernobog



Egyptian; Set, Apep, Sekhmet, Kek. Sometimes Bast, Anubis, Ishtar and Nepthys too.

Greek; I’m surprised no one mentioned Typhon yet.

Norse; basically every dragon, and most of the Jotuns including Loki, and most of Loki’s kids. But then again Norse mythology is especially grim.

Babylonian; Tiamat was already mentioned but not her 11 children or her second consort, Kingu.

Celtic; I can’t really think of any specific entity since the Celts had many demon folklore stories after Christianity took over early on. But most of the Fae were very mischievous.

Hinduism; Shakti, Shiva, Kundalini (the serpent goddess)… shoot, they had demons too and the only other figure I can think of is a demon king, Ravana.

If I can think of more I’ll add to the list.


No I didn’t I merely listed it from previous knowledge

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Yep, especially the Pookah class. They take the concept of mischievous to a very dark place. Good spirits to have on your side, but not always trustworthy. They absolutely can lie to you, in a fashion.


Do they belong to the Infernal Empire?

I’m gonna be calling on Medusa and the lovecraftian current.

I have a crush on Medusa, I think she is beautiful as does my crimson beloved.