Non ancestral necromancy resources?

I’m having trouble finding resources on this topic I would like something that has set general rituals chants sigils words of power the whole nine yards basically and preferably something cheap or free and easy to access

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If you want to learn more about necromancy I would suggest Necromantic Sorcery By Dante Abiel on BALG and following the necromancy section on the forum. Do subscribe to Vidian channel by VK jehannum. His previous channel got deleted so he may upload his videos on necromancy there. If you want any tips I’m sure many here including I will help. Take care


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Wen u say not ancestral necromancy, u mean,? Like the maerzejhirat cabal,? Or just talking to Death peopls, spirts,? Its a few spells around in web free, and cheap. Wat u exactly need is look hard. Its a place call spells of magick. Too. Free and cheap. Did u try v. K. Jehanun. Did u try goetia,? Wat u are looking for not find easily .even a chant, can bring u luck. Power of a link to a dead person.try youtube. And amazon.

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Thanks much friend I will check out these sources

I don’t know what this other thing you speak of is so I guess just spirits in general and I have checked out vk he has some good info but not enough in my opinion