Nocturnal Visitors

I didn’t get much sleep last night, therefore i’m cranky! It started two nights ago when i woke up because a bag fell and it was making noise, so i moved it in the bathroom, thinking that maybe a bug was moving inside. Turned out it was no bug. Last night, same spot in the hallway, a big shadow, very slow, it disappeared/became transparent when i looked at it and showed up again as soon as i fell asleep. Since it showed up I’ve been restless in a bad way.

Cylinder form, tall, slow, dense. It hides in an electric circuit and makes it buzz, which really gets on my nerves. Yeah, i know i need to have that checked by an electrician, but still…
So, i woke up to eat something, check my phone etc. Tried to sleep again, woke up and we played this game for a while. I left the lights on and it started making the same noise from the bag. I asked him nicely to get lost.
How could i trap it in a jar? Can it be done?

Being really tired, i’m not sure if a dreamed or not, but another showed up, tall, black tar skin, face like that of a lion and the lion’s mane looked like small snakes, it’s mouth changed from a lion to a raven as it spoke. He said ‘not at your place’ or ‘not for you’. No idea why i believed that King Paimon was manifesting, i saw his golden sparkle. Who could be the tar demon?

The cylinder dude woke me up in the morning with a bang noise. He was trying to reach either the door or my altar.

Well it was a very magical night, walpurgis… Ask the tarot on insights. Maybe a pendulum could do it too.

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@Rav Thank you for your answer, i’ll open the tarot. Yes, it was a wild night…

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