No need for baneful magick


Has anyone else had experience with someone pissing them off and then automatically something bad happens to them? Sometimes it just takes me getting annoyed for someones last beer to spill or for them to lose their wallet. I think that is sufficient for me. I wonder if it is the pixies…


Of course…probably all of us here have some of that take place and I have that happen quite often with dealings of mine, even had some die without me even doing anything…but what I have found recently that is catching my attention is…

I had a thought come into my mind early one morning as I woke…now this is after Azazel had given me the info that he works with everyone in the best manner that they receive regarding all things…

I began to wonder about first…why both demons and angels even interact with mankind…then their appearance dealing with mankind which is somewhat different to different persons…then why does mankind even appear here in this physical realm at all in combination with the above…plus other aspects of this whole stage show…

Then lo and behold, there began to appear on this board and another I watch conversations and some answers in regard to the initial question I wondered about…and even others began talking about some parts of this question in conversations with me and I never brought some of this up …

So I am seeing Azazel use many of you to speak and answer to me in his own way…and you were not even aware of how he is involved in all this…

goes to show you how much else in the universe is going on that mankind is unaware of…

and a followup question regarding this above original topic…Have any of you pointed your index finger at someone to eliminate them purposely and command death…and had them fall over dead right then and there?
Necromaster…this is right down your alley…lol.



Regarding your answer, I have not tried… lol. However I did pick up a stick at a party and each time I pointed it at my friend they hugged someone. A girl saw and called me a sorcerer. Should have seen the look on her face, but that is much too nice for the black magick section of this forum 0:) A couple of days ago an old man my dads age grabbed my butt, twice and he did not apologize, and said SHE LIKEDDDD ITTT… so I looked into my friends eyes and mentally suggested “take his weed” and she did and I said ‘lets go’ and we laughed so much. ;D I see demons and angels more like family so it makes sense why they would want to appear and interact with us. So much crazy stuff going on for me lately, moments where everything seems so highly orchestrated that it puts me into awe. I wonder would they exist without us? or us without them?


Thinks I would have used up my 9 lives without them.


And you didn’t kick him in the balls???


You think I was too nice? Well this is why he still is single. haha he bought me and my friend tickets to the skynyrd concert and bought us drinks plus got his weed taken. So I think he got screwed over on that deal.


Mmmm, well, on second thought I suppose you did get even. :slight_smile:



In regards to your question, I have found that sometimes Baneful Magick is necessary. However, when you work with varies entities quite often you will have them come to your rescue so to speak, before you can even think about retaliating.


What about D.Ks comment elsewhere that one should be able to see and hear the entity given the task? It seems to make sense that you wouldnt give out a contract to someone who doesnt speak English and hope for the best that they understand you!