No more room for ritual space what should I do?

Ok so I have a huge situation.

I always took my rituals outside it feels most real to me also cause I have zero room in my own bed room and also my mom doesn’t want me doing it inside her own house.

I use to do everything in my backyard but now we have this guy who’s a contractor and he’s a heavy Christian and I don’t want to make him run off just because he is an insensitive individual.

I do have a giant forest near where I live but I’m afraid someone will call the cops it’s a park but it’s pretty much dead so I always thought about going way off trail late at night there but I’m afraid of the police intervening so if I was to go this route maybe I could call bael to make that area invisible to others or since it’s police maybe belial could do something perhaps?

My last option is my astral temple.

So about the forest what are some things I can do to be more hidden…again it’s a dead park no one hardly goes there anymore

You don’t need to change your practices on his account. He needs to be willing to keep his beliefs to himself and stay focused on the task he’s contracted to do. In the real working world he’s gotta understand not everyone believes what he believes. If he cut into me wrong with his JCI I’d tell him he’s fired.


It’s just hella awkward but I get what you’re saying

Lots to consider…the first thing is how much shit do you need to pull off a ritual? Can you throw it into a backpack and go?

I live real close to 2 huge state parks with trails and some mountains where I ride my mountain bike.

I often will throw in whatever grimoire I’m using, a few candles, my lantern, sigils, incense resin and a burner, etc…and go for it.

And, these parks near me are not dead by any means…they’re very populated. But I have a few spots that are tucked away.

Furthermore, even if you use your astral temple, getting out and into nature enhances everything.

This works for me for several reasons…first, darkness and shadows created
by the natural environment provide the spirit with some seriously potent manifestation bases.

The same goes for the sounds in nature. If a demon wants to talk to you but your astral senses are undeveloped- there are a lot of possibilities for it to work with.

I’ve also had a variety of bugs, snakes, fox, and bucks show up in the middle of me making my calls and stop and stare at me. It’s freaky when it happens, but I’m relatively sure demons will use animals to confirm there presence. Also, every time that’s happened, my results have manifested…

Good luck!


I live with two roommates, including a former minister, and while he is “ok” with me and what i do, and the altar in my bedroom, he does side eye me when the house smells like incense. In order to make him feel more comfortable, I moved my rites to the backyard. So far I’ve done four rituals back there, and he seems to be completely unaware. I clean up after myself, and don’t leave anything outside that can’t be explained (oh that’s a bottle of water I forgot about, thanks for bringing it to my attention! - I was drinking wine out back and forgot about the bottle, thanks for letting me know i left some trash out there).

If the wooded area you’re talking about is a park or state park, does it have posted times that you can’t be out there? if it doesn’t, you probably don’t have to worry about law enforcement. As long as you don’t generate too much attention, you’ll probably go unnoticed. I’d be more concerned about wild life and getting lost, than I would about a cop - but I know some areas of the world are less progressive and harassment is a legitimate concern.


Yes I can

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I even have a “to go” portable magick pack that I keep stocked and separate from my indoor set-up. It’s got all of the above plus an old and extra copy of Demons of Magick and Magickal Protection since they’re the two I use the most.

So if I need my magick to be portable- I’m ready. I’ve taken it to work many a time!

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Unless he’s pretty irreplaceable, fuck him. It’s your house, do your thing. Maybe you can even have a conversation with him about it? Honestly, IMO truthfully unless you think he’s going to try to hurt you because of your practices, you do you when you want and how you want. Let him be uncomfortable. Take pride in what you do.


Also good luck! Ignorant people suck.

it’s bad when people of wrong energy have acces to the ritual space. The same thing about altars which is the personal connection of the witch with the spirits.

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