No money no love

Feel free to run for money. I got the knowledge, I got everything I need. Money isn’t a problem.

And no, money is still not a god of humanity. Is an illusion, and you live in that way. Just because you believe that the lion before you is a cat, it won’t be. Just because you imagine that money is god, it won’t be. It’s still a dumb illusion.

Of course, when you say “you need money to buy stuffs like food” is true, but not money what you really need and you don’t really need money if you try to stand up your own legs. You can do it. I know people who did this and live in this way, absolutely independent from “your imaginary god”. This is what you should get…

I won’t waste my time on argue about this. Experience higher state, and you’ll understand.


That’s your opinion and I have mine.

I still believe money is the god of mankind, or don’t you have some digits of that god in your bank account? Isn’t it almost everyone in the world who needs this god to live? Isn’t he on the 4 cardinal points of this planet? the money god is everywhere and he is needed if you want to survive unless you live in a cave.

we disagree, and I respect your opinion, have a nice day


God gives me money because He has power. Money got no power without a false illusion of humans. God has. You can’t live without God, why money can’t exist and own value without human? So using the word “God” who is an independent Supreme Soul above everything and everyone, to a “thing” who lives because blind people, is hilarious.

Humanity slowly destroys the world, or at least it’ll be unbearable to live. What will your “god” help? Will your money feed you when nature won’t give you food? Will it give you water when rivers and oceans won’t, or will poison you? Where is the power of money? It will make plants grow, animals give birth? No. Why? Because it’s power never exists, just in your head.

And please… “desires” aren’t basic needs. You don’t need alcohol, big house, limitless sex, drugs and “luxury stuffs”, expensive car and clothes to…live. You are the slave of maya. Nothing more. You can’t be complete because you want to satisfy your body’s lust, instead of the being who you really are.

This is why you think you need more than you should…
Much blessing on you!


money makes everything, but breaks everything. Money can solve many problems but it can create a fresh set of problems too. Anything more than our necessity is poison


it is already a matter of concepts of abstract and metaphysical things. we don’t agree

many blessings to you too!

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I think you using the wrong terminology. Money isn’t god. IT is a concept made by man for control. Money is the medium of control for all things needed for survival. Without it you can’t have the foundation of survivals such as food, shelter, clothes etc… Money control society/man. Sure we can still barter , but people have abandon that for money cuz of government society using money so its’ easier to track taxes and do business as well as have control over people. It’s about power. It’s a tool used by the rich to control society so they stay in power.

Maybe @Onkar some of these will help:


You Will need to define your terminology god. And my concept differs of yours

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Are you planning to use magick on these problems? :slight_smile:

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I have a very conflicting relationship to/with money. Until not long ago I kinda thought that money would be something out of my reach and out of my field of influence. Money was something for “them”. I lived most of my life without much but the bare necessities and boi that wasn’t a fun ride (my parents kicked me out when I was 16, so I had nothing on my radar than survival mode for a long period of time, neglecting my education and all those fancy papers and door openers).
I think that money opened many doors for me, not only to material wealth. But to possibilities. It opened the gateway to “dare” something, to step out of my comfort zone and to actually demand a value for my work and my time (scandalous, I know, I know). Money gave me power over myself. I experienced how “no money” can influence your life and I will do everything to not go back to that place, ever again. I really hope you’ll find a way to overcome your struggle with it, @Onkar


Ok, I got no too much time for this drama, so I’ll skil some part of your message because… I won’t get any money for this? :thinking: jokes

Who are you to say who is worthy or not?

A person who can share her opinion and will just like anyone else even who find pleasure in fucking with others because they got nothing else to do, really. If you don’t like this, keep going. I won’t waste my time to argue with every person who didn’t share the same opinion, because that is his opinion, and I have mine. I could do it, because there are lot of bullshits, but worth no time to waste to me. I can keep my focus on MY life, and grow.

There are certain things which won’t help in your next life to develop. It’s pretty clear and simple, hurts or not. Karma didn’t care about your feelings. In other words = there are activities what are useless, and not worthy to take care about, but because reasons, you’ll.
Everyone is in a different level, knowing more or less reincarnations behind her and will experience such a things like others will or did already.

Who are you to impose your destiny of transcendence on others?

If you feel like this is an “imposed”, I feel deep sorry for you. Everyone have her own view and reason why she thinks in an exact ways. I did. And I will share my opinion. There is no difference between me and any others. If you take it personally, it is not my problem, you should deal with it. You are an adult, right? Then simply accept the fact that there are others who thinks differently about the world and transcendental.

Who are you to assume that “basic things” are not something of great importance to development other people?

Lol. Who said that? Show me! Do not make sentences I didn’t said. Basic things are the essence of life and everything. Basic things exactly what you need, and nothing more.

What and who are you?

I’m a spirit like everyone else. But I took care my spirit, knowing that I’m not this dying body after all, and I’m about to take off my body’s false desires and urges. A person who put her focus on her soul, instead of sense gratification, and you’ll understand when you step out from this state.

NOOO! Are you really limiting a Being with that “you should”?


You have found “your way”, “your God”, your deserving of hope and faith, that some want and others don’t even care about.
Congratulations, because such a discovery seems to take a lot of effort.

Like everyone else here? What is your problem? You can not share your own experiences, knowledge and conviction without a snowflake being melted under it’s pressure?

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She is her own authority. It is completely healthy to view other homo sapiens as inferior or not worthy of something.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe she inferred that if you perceive that “basic things” are of great importance to your development, you are not going to develop, remaining a purely material being.

A standard probability algorithm?

Who are these mythical creatures and where can I find them?


I think we can all agree that went well! :laughing:

@Onkar sorry your topic got derailed, please take a look through the link I posted above and then start yourself a NEW topic for questions about how to use any of the spells or rituals in it, people will be happy to help if given something specific to respond to. :+1: