“No Energy Vampires Allowed" on YouTube

Well if someone needs this kind of help this vid is one of the best. Lots of witches and mages have even in their families energy vampires. Is a danger especially by celebrations and gethering. Energy vampires get more power when sucking energy from witches.

So guys Win the fight!!!

Okay, this is not really about vampires but about pathetic, weak, and manipulative people.


That is true but sometimes you have family members who are energy vampires that if you magically attack there is danger of collateral damage. So this is for the people who need help recognising them, identify the problem and defang those energy vampires. Especially beginners

Not necessarily a witch is no different from a “normie” some even worse off, it’s not exactly about them even getting power, as “actual” energy vampires, people with energy system deficiencies need it the same way someone needs to eat physical food to be pepped, it keeps them from feeling like crap for a while, not to say that it’s okay, but being a witch doesn’t exactly make you a better target, you can be a whole bum and be a better target.

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So guys stay safe these days of family reunions and celebrations :heart_eyes: