No Confirmation

So I have contacted Lerjae twice now, both times using his/her sigil, once on Monday night and again Tuesday morning using the Enn as well! Both times I asked for confirmation that my task would be carried out, and asked that it could be given in a dream that I could understand and remember…And so far nothing! I did expect to have the dream the same night I opened up the sigil, as that would make sense. So now Im wondering if he heard me at all

He did hear you, my suggestion is patience. Waiting is the hardest part of this whole thing. Just give it some time.


I agree with KingOfHearts616, but some people don’t have patience so keep doing ritual, as each time you do you alter the Morphic field. This is Chaos Magic(k)'s drawback and the strength of ritualised Xtainity - the repetition of ritual.

Matter for you: Me or KingOfHearts616? Both of us are correct, but one will be right for you.



Thanks Al, what do you mean by alter the Morphic field? I dont want to piss Lerjae off by keep on asking him

There’s a lot of stuff online. I came across it in Chaos Magic. See the Three Norns of Norse mythology. One thing that frankly more lhp Magicians should do is learn how to direct and misdirect energies. That’s one thing an effective Black Mass does, it misdirects Catholic energies.


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