No Altar, No experience, No candles, No Stones. Is there any hope?

I have nothing, I live with my parents and I can’t set up an alter because they are Christians. Can I still work with demons with just sigils? Is there any advice?

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Of course you can !!! It wouldn’t be magick if they would be musts of it !!!
But start with this


I grew up in a Christian household, so I know exactley what it’s like to have to keep my practice in the shadows. It’s a pain, but don’t let it get you down. There is more than just a little hope. Keep your head on straight, think things through, and get creative. Keep in mind that, though useful, things like candles, athames, chalices, are only tools. The real magick, the real power is within you, and through patience and practice, tapping into that power will become almost 2’nd nature.
Though you may not have the “fancy, flashy” tools, but you can always think of ways too use things that are just around the house for rituals. Things that can be right under your parents nose, and they will never know of there sinister purpose. :wink:
Just don’t get discouraged, stick with it, and take advantage of the tools, like this website, that you do have access to, and you will reach your goals.

Many Blessings


If you’re still living with your Christian parents, then why you insist on working with Demons at this time? Work with Archangels, saints … there are many powerful spirits out there that your parents wouldn’t resist that much. And you will have good results from working with them.

If it’s a religious choice, for example you wish to worship Demons or decided to join Satanism then that would be a problem at the moment and better wait until you can practice your faith freely when you get your own place to live. Other than that, Demons are not magick. You can practice all kinds of magick, including black magick, with saints and Angels :slight_smile:

Focus on learning at this point, more than anything else. And practice with whatever you have and use what’s acceptable to your parents.


Franz Bardon’s books are easy to find and while they do list some material components further research will show those are entirely optional and they don’t even come into play until later into the work anyways. Ground up magical training if you keep dedication to it.


Who thinks of stones as evil? Tell them you are getting into rock collecting.


Thanks everyone. You are more than a family to me. I love you all.


one very powerful thing you can do and do alone without the need for anything other than time is meditate learn to feel energy learn to control it learn to project it use the time now wisely and try not to draw attention to yourself untill you gain the freedom to do as you want.


My teenage years are when I really learned the importance of using what you had access to and and a couple of other tricks to hide in plain sight.

I did most of my magic in the closet, literally.
My family used stick incense so that wasn’t an issue.
I started collecting candles.
Any ritual tools I used we’re mundane items from around the house.

All that being said, I was a teenager. I felt I needed all the stuff. Now days I just use myself, pen, and paper. Since then I have focused almost solely on self development.