Nine Demonic Gatekeepers - "Amaimon/Lucifer" What?

From Koetting’s newsletter/article/that shit you get via mail

"The Names Of The Nine Gatekeepers

I’ve made references to the 9 Gatekeepers over the last few years, but I have been far from specific, mainly because I’ve still been working the details out in who is whom, how they fit together, and how I should go forward in working with them.

The names of the Nine Gatekeepers, along with their titles, are:

  1. Belial - "Without A Master"
    2. Amaimon/Lucifer - “Teacher/Enlightener”
  2. Azazel - “Ancient Darkness & Promethean Liberator”
  3. Abaddon - “The Destroyer”
  4. Lucifuge - “Lord Of Pacts/Lord of Excess”
  5. Beelzebub - “Lord of Flies”
  6. Baal - “Lord/Ruler”
  7. Asmodeus - “Lust/Wrath”
  8. Satan - “Adversary”"

Is he equating Lucifer with Amaymon here? It would seem that he is. Thoughts? I personally don’t think they are one and the same at all.


Neither do i, i also saw that list i summoned both and they agree they are separate entities.

  1. Amaimon - has a different energy.

  2. Lucifer - has a different energy.

  3. Amaimon - has a Saturn essence and is sinister being.

  4. Lucifer - has a solar essence and is a perfect blend of light and darkness.

  5. Amaimon - His manifestation’s and voice doesn’t match each other.

  6. Lucifer - He stand’s for different thing’s than Amaimon.

  7. I summoned both and they have said they aren’t the same being.

  8. Their only connection is as a Teacher or as Eric says a enlightener, that’s their only connection.

  9. They might only share the similar message for humankind but aren’t the same at all.

  10. So there is not enough to say they are the same being.

When we say two entities are the same they have to share at least the same energy, the names they have should match in some way, if they don’t they should be the same element or same planetary force, or their sigil, should look vaguely familiar, or they lore should vaguely match something should connect them in some way, but i haven’t seen enough proof of that.


Same here fwiw.


Agreed completely. And I find the same differences between Lucifer and Amaimon. Amaimon may not be sinister in the true sense of the word, but I kind of see him as a ruthless businessman.


Yeah that’s what i mean a sinister personality, dark and straight to the point.


That explains why he was teaching me about finances /money :joy: looks like I should have took better notes.

Note to self …summon amaimon again …pay attention …take notes :+1:


Yeah, he’s awesome when it comes to that sort of stuff. Don’t be too surprised when he starts telling you how good it is to take opportunities, even if it may piss others the fuck off.


Making note of this for later :triumph:


Yes Amaymon is seen as the demon of excessive greed, coming from a biblical age where money was equated with a lack of spirituality he wasn’t a particularly fond demon. Which is why he’s one of my favorites


This :point_up_2: i find interesting as one of the things pointed out in black magick of ahriman is the idea that physical growth, wealth and prosperity used to walk hand in hand with spirtual growth, wealth and prosperity :thinking:


The list has Lucifuge as lord of excess. How is he different from Amaymon then?


“Lucifer” is “phosphorous”. It’s also the old latin word for “Venus”. In the Holly Bibble, there was no mention of the word “lucifer” as a name of a thing. It was only used in reference to the planet Venus. The morningstar.

It is my opinion, however, that the name became associated with something unrelated to Venus over time, maybe because of the “morningstar” connection. The Lucifer we know is the Light-bringer. Like Prometheus and Thoth and others, its an energy or perhaps a being that brought some form of knowledge to mankind and paid a price for it.

SO. That said, when we’re comparing Lucifer to another entity/aspect/take-your-pick, I concur with @C.Kendall in that Lucifer can’t be equated with Amaimon due to the wide variance between what they represent.


  • lls -

I was talking about Lucifuge. Even if he is an aspect of Lucifer his personality could be very different. He and Lucifer might represent a promethian figure but go about giving that knowledge very differently.

I agree that Lucifer and Amaimon are not the same entity. What I am asking is Amaimon is often describe as excessive lust/greed/wrath etc. Lucifuge is associated with excess of earthly pleasures. I’m asking is there a difference in how this “excess” is manifested? Experienced? Are their personalities very different etc.

For example Belial and King Paimon are both associated with wealth and career but their personalities are very different.


I was referring to the OP,



yes, different cultures had traditions where spirituality grew with material wealth and freedom.

But the biblical times I refer to where the times of Jesus and his disciples and the geographical location of which the Bible talks about.

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No clue on the finer details of that one. I know the Babylonian practices both spirtual and different financial flourished quite well in their time. At least Till the invasion of Cyrus if i recall correctly. At that point you have possibly the monotheism of Zoroastrian faith encroaching on the Babylonian pantheon in those time as persia expanded its territorys.

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I was curious who was still following the progress here. For some reason I put my newsletters in the wrong folder. Been really busy with the mundane so my email is a mess.

@Aluriel I do not think I’m going to have much affection from my future husband then :unamused:

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