Nine Days of Hell - Journal

Last night I performed a custom made ritual to evoke and petition Azazel to be my teacher and initiator through his infernal gateway. Prior to this I did research, the Biblical and non Biblical historic accounts of Azazel, and the working of E.A Koetting and others. I will link the ritual I wrote and the altar I created can be found on my IG.

Approaching the Gates of Azazel

During the research I started to put links between Azazel and Baphomet. At this point I am confident they are the same entity. Even the Templars were accused of kissing a goat’s ass in a act of defiance against God. A goat was given to Azazel during Yon Kippur in ancient days, the goat was first given all of the villages sins and then set free (often times driven over a cliff). The image of Baphomet has many symbols that are associated with Azazel. The hand reaching up and one down, as above so below, but also Azazel was punished for teaching the secrets of heaven (above) to mankind (below). The torch of victory, freedom over ignorance. Again Azazel brought mankind out of ignorance by giving them science and art. Even the Sayter appearance is a common association with Azazel.

The reason I mention all that is because I thought I was only just now approaching Azazel, but in fact I have probably been working with his current for a couple of years now. I am sure this has all been discussed in the past and I will probably find more evidence of it later on.

Night of the Ritual
I used 8 small black candles and placed them around the circle on the altar cloth. Also on the altar was a statue of Baphomet, a single standard red candle in the center, a sword to be used for circle casting and later consecrated to Azazel, and finally two censor bowls for incense. The altar cloth was black but above that was another cloth, a Luciferian Summoning Triangle.

I performed the actions as noted in the linked ritual. At the end I meditated upon the candle. It was vibrant with energy, immediately I could see a strong yellow aura around the flame, a very different color then the flame itself. Then the candle flame looked white, like angelic white and I became very calm. There were noises around me, stirrings in the shadows, typical house noises, but nothing phased me. I was expecting a storm and instead got a peaceful still lake in the middle of the stars. I sat entranced for some time, listening to Azazel speak through images and feelings that ran through me and once or twice I heard a voice that was many voices but not loudly or clearly. I never went super deep into the trance, though at one point I decided to quickly perform an astral projection above my house. I felt called to do it, maybe Azazel wanted me to travel further to his realm, I wasn’t sure. Or maybe it was just to remind me to practice those gifts. The pact I spoke opens myself to nine days of hell, to teach me and make me stronger. I will record any events that I feel are related to the working, as well as dreams for the next nine nights.

Night 1 Dream
First dream, I was skating around a part when a corporate executive tracked me down wanting to know where to find someone. I have no idea who this man was but in the dream I understood that he was a higher up in the company. I informed him I was not sure where the person was, I could see that he was worried and angry. He told me that some yellow chart got released to the public and it was causing a PR nightmare for the company. Many execs and mid level managers were worried about losing their jobs. I wasn’t too worried though it was on the back of my mind. I continued to skate around the part, joined a line to some ride or something. A kid got hurt in the line and the park had to close.

Transition to the final dream. I kept skating and found a building with scaffolding (its a dream so it really doesn’t make sense). I decided to climb up this little tower, I believe there were three levels above ground floor. I began climbing the first but found it to be very difficult. A woman, a bit punkish (short pink hair, a little tall and wiry) offered to help. I said something that was super corny, I don’t remember what it was, but she replied with
“that was a corny pick up line”, and I said,
“well I don’t get many chances to be corny so I take them when possible”.
She laughed but thought it was cute all the same. She helped me up to the first level and I said “I want to keep going, I think I can do it on my own if you want to let go”.
At this point she held on, I had to actively resist her a bit to move up. I got to the second level and said “I can make it to the top, but you really do need to let go. I can’t get up there with you holding on”. She finally let go and I was able to make it to the third level on my own. At the top of the third level I rested a bit. Suddenly a woman appeared, she was someone I felt very strongly attached to. Very odd for a dream. I had the sense that I had met her before, even flirted with her but she did not seem interested. What she was doing up on the third level I didn’t even bother asking. Oh…she was also naked though I did not realize that at first, her body was shadowed as I stared into her eyes and memorized her face.
I think we exchanged some words, I don’t remember them clearly anymore. But she moved and began to stroke me and arouse me. She shifted in such a way that it became a very mutual oral experience. At this point I was very deep into the dream, it felt as real as possible. I could feel the very folds of her skin, the texture on my mouth and hands, our heart beats etc. I can’t remember the last time I was intament in a dream with that level of detail. As I was getting more passionate she told me to wait, and I immediately knew what she wanted to say (my dream after all), she was a virgin. So we took it slower, it became an act of love and exploration, trying to be quite (as there were apparently people below us, even though they never looked up).

Eventually, before I could climax, we heard a woman walk into the second level and scold some kids who apparently ran away from a field trip or something. Of course my fear of being caught in the dream made a radio suddenly come from no where and be super loud right next to us. I turned the radio down and watched, but the woman below never looked up, it was like we didn’t exist to them. I woke up soon after, still holding on to the dream woman in a lovers embrace.


I think this odd you did that ritual to Azazel and I think I saw him last night in my dream.
I think it was a test.

In my dream I was forced to go to a church. These Christians were forcing thier God on me. They wanted me to sing and read thier godly book. But I wouldn’t. Then they tried to tell me that thier god is loving and I need to repent and change my ways. But I wouldn’t change my religion for them. I then saw this dark misty god-like being. He had no feet just a dark figure, I didn’t see any eyes or facial features either. behind him was a black pyramid with this dark purple flames or mist coming from it, the atmosphere was black with a dark purple mist. It looked like space, but much darker and ominous.

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Day 1
The day went very well, if anything I felt more centered and energized then the last few weeks. I ended up reading the first book in AL out loud in front of one of my altars. Was completely impromptu and something I have not done before. The end the day I went to a Dark Moon Esbat with my coven. The energies of the dark goddess was very strong and wonderful. The circle went well.

Night 2
My dreams were all over the place. The first one, my family and I had to create a thunder storm to prevent a rival family from attacking us. I lead the incantation and we created the storm, they still attacked but their numbers were greatly reduced and we won the fight.
The second dream I was on drugs and things just got weird, people treated me oddly and I had to deal with some random scenarios but nothing too specific.
The third dream I felt was the most powerful, it had something to do with being a rat. Like, the rats (and I was a rat in this dream) had to perform rituals for different purposes. To gain knowledge, to service deities and spirits, to maintain universal order. The dream ended with a phrase repeated over and over “would you choose to be a rat”, knowing the sacrifice and what was involved.

Multiple days have passed. Overall I have not experienced a “hell” but part of me is not surprised, because this last year has been a living hell in many respects. My dreams have become more standard though Azazel did visit in at least one of them that I remember. Two days ago during my nightly mediation I had direct communication with Azazel, the first real communication since I performed the Evocation. It went something like this (I really need to record these things immediately).

AZ: I am the Fire that burns in the eternal night. The watcher, I wait and rise, and you will rise with me. I am Azazel, I am Azazel! Seek me in the darkness, there you will find me. (Note, I was meditating completely in the dark at this time). The light is a lie, find the truth in that lie and you will rise above all else.

Me: Is the darkness also a lie?

Az: Yes, and it is the same lie as the light, but the truth is different. Now be silent, you asked for me to speak and I am here. Master your mind, body and spirit, destroy that which holds you back, yourself. Once you have done so you may come to me, you may then learn from me. I have chosen you but you have not fully chosen me or yourself. With doubt and hesitation you close the portal and may not walk through. Now go, you must choose.

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