Nilion an Hidden Lucifer demons

Warm greetings,
I want to get some advice on a subject of using a Lucifer’s servant, Nilion (To quieten noisy people).
I have a very noisy neighbour and I wanted to quieten her, but the issue is that she is pregnant.

Is this demon power some sort of attack or related to? Because I don’t want to do any such things(neither to pregnant women nor children)

NB: My other ultimate option is to wait like more than 9 months, for her to give birth and the kid growth before any action :pensive:


Not everything have to be done with magick tell her of she can be more quite 9 of the 10 they respect you and listen


Bringing quiet does not have to involve attacks or harm. If you do not want these things to happen, but you do want quiet, make this clear to the demon and it will act with this in mind.