Nike Invocation Info

Hi, before i wrote this, i did use the search function on all questions i’m about to ask here and i would appreciate some help! I’m happy this community is always helpful and thanks.

So I have a Skateboarding competition tomorrow and i would like to invoke Nike to aid me in performance for tomorrow. First Place is $1500 by the way haha.

If anybody has any information or methods that would help me i gladly appreciate that.

I thank everyone that replies or sees this for their time and i hope you who is reading it have a wonderful day! Blessings from Lucifer!


You might find Connor Kendall’s video useful:


Marchosias was my main Guardian for 10 years. She is also the goddess Nike. She told me this, early on.
You could invoke or evoke Marchosias, it’s the same goddess.

Good luck on your competition! I hope you win first prize.


Greek deities are traditionally summoned through their hymns. This is Nike’s hymn:

The Fumigation from Manna.
O Powerful Victory [Nike], by men desir’d, with adverse breasts to dreadful fury fir’d,
Thee I invoke, whose might alone can quell contending rage, and molestation fell:
'Tis thine in battle to confer the crown, the victor’s prize, the mark of sweet renown;
For thou rul’st all things, Victory [Nike] divine! And glorious strife, and joyful shouts are thine.
Come, mighty Goddess, and thy suppliant bless, with sparkling eye, elated with success;
May deeds illustrious thy protection claim, and find, led on by thee immortal Fame.

Hope this helps!!!

PS: I do not agree with the previous poster about Nike being the demon Marchosias. I see no reason to believe that, but to each their own.


Thank you! Currently on my way for practice, did an invocation for Nike last night! Feeling super hyped up, call feel her within me, i’m confident now! Thanks everyone!


How did the comp go? :slight_smile: