Nighttime Ritual - Astral Experience

I posted about something that happened during my nighttime rituals in my Grimoire entry (Entry 6) but then I thought I’d share the ritual itself because its actually been working quite well with me when other techniques didn’t. I combined a few things from different places/teachings so bare with me… I know it’s weird.
I tried to go into as much detail as I could about the whats and why because I personally found that when I did that in my own research, it helped me with the application.

Before Ritual

  • Set the mood:
  1. Lighting.
    I have this device that projects LED coloured lights like a night sky/galaxy in my room. I being in complete darkness, I found, actually stresses me out even more when I’m trying to leave my physical state and enter into my mental state (astral body). It doesn’t produce a lot of light, only just a small amount, like I’m sitting outside with no artificial lighting (nature).
  2. Comfy-ness
    Sweats and a sweatshirt on cold nights, a light night gown or soft pjs on hot nights. As long as it’s not tight or constricting and it feels almost free and flowy, it gives me the sense that I am wearing anything my mind comes up with. Also helps with feeling what you are visualizing.
    Personally, I NEED a blanket when I’m laying down and getting into this state of mind. A soft blanket that rests comfortably and gently over my body gives me a sense of security, where I can safely leave my body behind for a bit.
    If you practice Sex Magick, stay confortable but also make whatever you need accessible, accessible. You don’t want to move around too much once you’re into it to take off your clothes.
  3. WATER
    I learned this recently, surprisingly enough, but you actually need to drink a good amount of water before trying to get deep into a meditative state where you’re manifesting something. And I’m not talking about two sips of water, drink half a cup. The idea is to be well hydrated because a) dehydration is uncomfortable and can distract from the process once you’re in it. b) Water, along with its cleansing and healing properties is also a MAJOR source of energy. It’s like giving extra juice to power up an engine (not exactly, but… in a nutshell)

The Process

Step 1. Open a lengthy theta or binaural FREQUENCY video from youtube.
Theta or Binaural frequencies help you tap into the astral realm. They’re like beacons/keys. I’ve included a YouTube link to my favourite one, but I started out with shorter ones when I was still practicing visualization and intention setting. Lucid Dream Music: "The Dream Gates of The Oneiroi" Achieve Multiple Vivid Dreams - YouTube

Step 2. Get Comfortable
If you’re already familiar with the techniques of visualization, intention setting, manifestation, astral projection… etc. Then you probably don’t need to read this because you already know how to get comfortable.

  1. Place listening device near your ears (I don’t use headphones or earphones because their either slip off/out or they feel weird and it distracts me) but make sure the light is set on low. If it’s a laptop, lower the brightness and the screen (half closed). If it’s a phone, place it screen facing down o the bed next to your head.
  2. Ensure the volume is not too loud that you can hear every little thing, but also not too low that you can’t hear the lower frequencies. Whatever volume makes you comfortable (though the video I attached does get relatively loud at some points)
  3. Press play, and lay down in your comfortable position. Generally, especially with this technique, you’d lay down on your back, make sure you can breath properly (head lifted by pillow shouldn’t be too high). Legs UNCROSSED and extended. Hands on either side of the body. There was a comment about how your palms have to be facing upward (to ceiling), but that just made my arms feel weird so I opted out of that and it went just fine. Close your eyes.

Step 3. Breathing. I take from 1 to 5 deep breaths, depending on how many it takes to make my body feel like slime. You breath in slowly and deeply through your nose. You hold it in (while holding it in, feel all the tension gathering where the pressure on your chest is). Exhale even more slowly out of your mouth (and feel that tension escaping with the breath). The idea is to feel completely relaxed physically, so that you’re not worrying about that at all while you visualize.
*P.S. You’ll probably feel twitching or tingles while you’re in deep meditation. It took me a couple of tries until I could associate it with what it was I was experiencing Astrally, but it’s normal and you’ll figure it out (different for each person).

Step 4. Visualize the Object of your desire. This is the part where you think of exactly what/who it is that you want. I’ll use a ‘love-target’ as an example. Instead of picturing the scenario, context, focus on recreating as exact of an image as you can of the person you want. Remember what they look like, how they talk, what it feels like to look at them (in that order is what I usually go for). If it’s academic, picture the diploma, for instance. Focus first and foremost on the who/what before anything else.

Step 5. Create the Scenario.

  1. Location
    It goes without saying that if you want something to feel realistic, it should be realistic. Taking the crush example, if you know your crush from school, but you create a scenario where they ask you out in Paris… Although, with an advanced enough technique, this could be possible and doable. For beginners or those still learning like myself though, it tends to dull the experience. So the crush at school, asking you out of giving you a kiss or… other things… could be done created in the library, after class, somewhere you two go or are familiar with. Honestly, I’ve found that the simpler it is, the better. The more familiar it is (how often you two are together in this area), the more likely it appears which enhances the experience (in my personal opinion).
  2. Build Up
    I don’t think I’ve ever read a book, watched a movie or show, or even experienced two people just randomly making out without context. Likewise, you should create build-up in your visualization. If the intention is to get your crush to admit feelings for you or kiss you (or accept your confession of love), then create the context and ‘storyline’ when that would happen. Crush at school example: you’re walking out of school, and you’re talking together about something you both like. The conversation itself can (in my opinion should) be based on actual things they and you have said before. But be as creative and as daydreamy as you want. I once went for a super ‘high-school chick-flick’ scenario. So while it should be realistic, you can embellish on the way things happen (they take your face in their hands and kiss you deeply - they might not actually do this in real life like that, but the idea is that you want them to kiss you. The intention is the kiss for the above example).
  3. The Core Intention
    So you’ve built up the moment, now get to it. For instance, the Academic example with the intention of a diploma or a certain grade: the part where you get the grade/diploma. While you have build up the feeling, your surroundings, the object of your desire, now is the time that what you want to happen, happens. As though in PRESENT TENSE, like you can actually feel everything that is happening. So, the kiss example: when you and your crush finally kiss. Take your time in this moment, enjoy it, feel everything (with all six senses- the 6th being your emotions).
  4. Repeat 3 and 4.
    To get into the astral state, I repeat the scenario build-up and core intention on a loop. It’s not an exact replica, like rewind and play, but it’s like ‘possible ways this could happen, in this location, within this context’. At some point, I won’t have to consciously think about it and whatever my mind comes up with will have to do with the core intention.

Step 6. Enjoy it
The main point of this, for me, was the get a good night’s sleep with good dreams about something I want happening. Lately, I’ve been using this as a way to allow myself to connect more with my astral body, and allowing whatever forces are concerned to let me know if there’s something I need to know. So, enjoying the experience is a big part of it.
When you no longer have to consciously think of it, you’ve entered into a trance-like state where you can experience what it is you are visualizing in it’s entirety.
For those who practice Sex Magick, this is the point where you’d start getting down to business. Edge, while continuing your visualization.

After The Process

There are two ways to end this.

  1. Go to sleep. Continue the process until you wake up the next day. You’ll already be unconsciously thinking about it, so just allow yourself to fall asleep with the thought of what you want on your mind. → This is my preferred method, which is why I call this my nighttime ritual.
  2. Take a few moments to get down from the ‘high’ of this experience. Take a few deep breaths, acknowledge your surroundings, and then open your eyes and get ready for bed.
    For those who practice Sex Magick: send your intention into the universe as you come down from your orgasm, and take a few moments to relish in the feeling, then get cleaned up and go to sleep (nighttime ritual, sleep is always on my mind).

So there you have it. I used tantric advice, the concept of mantra for the intention, the Law of Attraction for the visualization… I honestly just did what I thought was best for ME. But I thought I’d share it in case it helped anyone figure out their own technique.

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Hey, excellent process! Little bit different than what I usually do for manifestation, so I’ll give this a shot. I enjoy how you integrated elements from different practices. Synergistic power punches. Going astral would be awesome.

I also see you’re an aspiring writing. Great writing, too!

For publication, a little more editing would be nice (you can never do enough) — but for a forum, this is fantastic. Clean copy. Easy to follow.

I also like that you shared the exact YouTube audio that works for you. That’s so much better than the generic advice to just look up any random one on YouTube.

Really enjoy some of the female occult writers such as Rose Manning and Zanna Blaise. This is a male dominated niche, but I guess I just like the divine feminine sometimes. Maybe due to the way I grew up (loved my nana, and had lots of female friends). However, I’ve seen similar comments in their reviews on Amazon — so there’s somethin’ extra about it.

In your case, there’s a sweetness to your words which is really fun. From talking about tingles and “confessions of love”, to calling the emotions your 6th sense. Ooh, so nice! The word choices make this more aaalive and exciting.

Good job. Can’t wait to try it. Keep it up! :rocket:

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Thank you so much! I just noticed the grammar mistakes, sorry! But I really appreciate the comment on my writing :slight_smile:

Rose Manning, I’ve just starting reading. Blaise, however is a new name to me, so I’ll have to look into that (thanks!).

I’d love to hear about the technique you use. I’m always looking to learn new things and improve.

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Hey, Atea. I’m trying this tonight. Could you clarity the astral instructions a bit?

I do these Goddard style loops all the time, but I don’t seem to pop out of my body. What detail could I be missing?

I’ve found that when I’m not trying to get out of my body, I end up doing it. Instead of thinking of it as practice to experience the astral body, I think of it as manifestation or even lucid dreaming.
In some of my research, I discovered that some practitioners explain the astral body differently than the usual portrayal (where you exit your physical body in the literal sense). One explanation of Astral Projection that I read about while going down a rabbit-hole one night was as follows:
The astral body experiences what the third eye sees. When you are within the astral plane, you can experience anything and everything because only your own imagination can limit you. (not an exact quote, it’s the note I wrote myself on the topic)

With that in mind, I haven’t yet been able to have the ‘out of body experience’ that people describe or explain. The Goddard method is one that I’ve tried, and I’m trying to integrate it into my technique somehow. But for now, the repetition of my ‘fantasy’, combined with my recreation of how it should feel places me in a deep trance. That deep trance turns into Lucid Dreaming → Astral Experience.

One of the reasons I try not to use ‘astral projection’ is because you’re not actually projective your astral body. You are only experiencing it through your mind’s eye.

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You’re very welcome! I wanted to give you some encouragement, because your ideas are cool and writing is sort fun and sort of juicy. You put good energy in there.

I’m out of practice now, but I wrote a couple of famous (and a few not so famous) nonfiction ebooks myself, full of zany ideas and bad jokes. Lol. So I know almost for certain that you’ll have a lot to offer as you hone your craft!

I think you’ll like Zanna Blasé quite a bit. She wrote “Angels of Love”. I’ve only worked with Amiel, but Amiel has some real oooMph. Tried to call Amiel to deepen a friendship, but ended up with more of a rapid Astarte like effect. Oops!

Sure, sure… My pleasure. I love to share probably as much as you love to learn.

Manifestation techniques, or astral techniques?

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Oh wow, that’s so interesting.

You know, I think I’ve had all 3…. and all 3 are different In nature.

There’s full “out of body” travel where I end up on the ceiling, or floating around on someone’s knee or whatever… this has been rare for me to be fully cognizant of.

My few “out of body” adventures I would say often mix in the physical world with a soul world, except for 1 time when it felt like “out of body” but I was off this planet.

Let’s say “out of body” for me is kind of like “mixed reality” or “augmented reality” glasses, where there’s a physical world and nonphysical reality mixed in or blended together somehow.

For me “out of body” is basically what people talk about when describing the early parts of an NDE (near death experience).

I’ve had so few, I’m sort of jealous of people who can have OBEs often.

Then there’s third eye vision of the astral, which may be more the type of thing I get on psychedelics. (i just did some mushrooms last week, and the astral vision was quite profound — especially when blinking or closing my 2 physical eyes…although sometimes it seems I can see it just fine with open physical eyes, as well)

Lucid dreaming usually feels different than these other 2 for me.

Whereas in lucid dreaming, it feels more like I’m more in an almost fictional or fantasy version of the world…. More like VR glasses. Almost like the ultimate video game.

In lucid dreaming, things are a bit more surreal and interesting than anything in the physical, generally. Except the House on the Rock, of course. That’s such an unusual place. Lol

It’s interesting how this all happens sort of automatically for you! That’s quite cool. It doesn’t usually happen for me, unfortunately. Not with repeatability. So that’s why I asked for specific instructions.

Goddard has specific out of body or astral travel techniques?? If so, that’s exciting!

I’m referring to Neville Goddard, in case there was another one.

Ahaha I wish it was automatic. It’s the repetition that helps me get into it.

I suppose then what I’m describing (or trying to describe) would be lucid dreaming and not astral experience. Because that pretty much sums it up, except for the ‘fiction or fantasy version of the world’, though it is arguable that if you have the advanced skill and your imagination can think it up then awesome. It doesn’t feel 100% real, but it’s also not, not real, ya know?

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Yep. I meant the same Goddard!

I didn’t realize he had an OBE or astral technique.

Now with a quick Google search, I do see him treater to astral traveling… such as in the Q&A part of the “Step Into the Picture” lecture he gave near the end of his physical life.

However, I can’t seem to find him talking about how he does it.

You found his instructions?? I’d love to read them!

Ok… I think I figured something out while reviewing some of the Goddard material!

However, it was from bits and pieces. Here or there. I don’t see where he explicitly talks about this. I wish he did. I feel like a detective here lol

Ok so — if you’re in theta brainwaves, and keep repeating simply I am I am I am…you get something profound.

During this, visualize the physical world falling away… and you just sort of being you… This is a semi-common meditation technique for more spiritual folks… but if you combine this common meditation with just the simple statement “I am” as your “mantra”, while you focus only on your existence, something interesting happens

I almost felt like I was going out of body.

I didn’t feel “normal”, that’s for sure. It was much more powerful than typical meditation or self-hypnosis sessions. Much more powerful than any other mantra I’ve ever used. And all by saying and feeling simply “I am” and nothing else.

Probably the simplest thing you could possibly say or think!

Here’s Neville’s talk “Step Into the Picture”, right before his death.

If you search the text for “Astral”, you’ll see it appear in the Q&A at the end. The entire talk is very interesting, though. I don’t see enough people cover his final talks. I don’t think this is on YouTube at all, for instance. Not even from Brian Scott — who’s kinda awesome.