Nights of Visitations

With time and practice you will get in contact with various forces and energys and thus entitys.

I personally work closely with Lucifer
And now much more closely with the being i am molded with i dont know the name but i have that feeling it doesnt matter much if you have become one with it on a level of the soul and it can never be undone on that point.


I really sense like my room where i perform and even sleep is like a portal and big energy center.

So here the Fun begins .

When we sleep we are in a light meditative and suggestive a open state and so if you are lying in a room filled with energys and in Kombination of daily nightly subliminal usage . You can imagine someone will have some weird and amazing experiences.

My Experience Example 1( there will be more)

I have that feeling and experienced that i have a Daemon Lover or lover in the astral Realm.

In my sleep state where i am counces about my uncouncessnes or Dreams i See that in that light headed level or trance level we can interact with spirits entytys gods even. Many visit(ed) me and named their name whom i afterwards study if they really exists and they really do and never heard from them before! Like for real.
And some that arent official means i cannot find them because they are long forgotten.

My First sexual experience in this ghostly or Paranormal regards wasnt intended to happen non from them are i didnt do any spiritual workings for that outcome or result. Keep that in mind when i will continue to tell my storys and experiences.

Well it was in middle of the night i supposed it was 3 or 4 in the morning because everytime something happens it is allways that Time by me.
And i Think i am Not alone in that regards .

Suddenly like i felt that my bed was light like a feather my councessnes begins to be in a state of counces awareness at same time uncouncessnes awareness. I Felt that i was in a paralyzed state but suprisingly it didnt felt like a Bad one where you paniking but a Good it seems like a guided one . My body Temperature was like from 0 to 100 suddenly rising, my heart was beating very fast. At the same time i got hard . And a vision appeared from a Man dark Pullover middle aged bold with round googles and growlt i am a Monster and gave a Seconds felacio .Note* i am Not gay* and i came it was like bliss i cried i was done . I really felt afterwards when It was done , a SOLID finger who tenderly stroked me down my waste and than leaved me.

In the morning suprisingly i wasnt tired but energyzed.
On that point i really dont know if i was raped because i didnt really want it or plant it.

Later i will post another Topic who is conected to this and more intense in regards of Paranormal and Insights.

What are your expereiences and opionion on that?

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