Nightmare on dream street

So without divulging my realistic nightmarish dreams details
If last night i set up a space for Lilith with the red fruits (described in TMW),
Lauren (my daughter) did the candle extinction and lit the ancestors candle. Plus an extra one - we did the extra to show no venergies were inhabiting feeding off of it.
Shown 1st Lilith

Then on ancestral
Then to shiw her that tge lights are not just the camera

Ok so on to topic my dream was a living dream - theyre quite frequent again. But before i went to sleep- note i didn’t do my usual meditations before bed as i have been doing in morning & night with shorter restiveness during the day.
Pn Friday i kept thinking of Amamon again on sat and just before bed. Thing is i have not meditated on him .
Then i get this nightmare thats as real i am now- hense i call them living dreams-. It wont make sense unless i explain it in a Little detail
Senario of myself and i loose or hav to leave my children with someones lik a holiday lots of bush area then these wonderfully supportive ‘people’ fly me back to them so I can snd spend time with them providing electronics for entertainment movies. But someone else turns up who is monitored and hated he tries to be alone with them and harm them so i tore the place down to find him and u was with backing and strength chased him away grabed his whit scarf he turned back when i spat on it and rubbed it in dirt. He was dressed in a 90’s styled white all over including the jacket scarf everything was tall muscular i didn’t exactly recognise him… but we all hated him. He was chassed away i threw the damaged item at him.
I woke up with chest pains and tears.
Made a cuppa mint tea has my asthma inhalers lighted anew Lilith’s space w incense. In my room i set up dragon blood on the right my tea on left and listend Lilith chants.
Apon writing im thinking perhaps this is not as literal as im thinking
Perhaps my support comes from my guides and my ancestors. And perhaps the white man all in white - which to me represents dying or a non life- we have not done that Unbaptismale Ceremony yet it requires a bible to shred destroy and spit into etc. Perhaps the ‘man’ is everything yahweh represents?
Welcome interpretation
What has Amamon got to with it. My first thought was he sent the dream and it a litersl from my historic struggle with the ex. Then i thought of the explanation just posted
Thanks in advance


This is related to the Unbaptismale Ceremony. At the opt shop uf one donated they give them away. So we just shreded it and tonight we go and burn the worthless shit.


You’re awesome :sun_with_face:

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Great photos very cool!

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Update.: :blush::blush: My friend makes wands n the like. He is gifting my daughter a Willow wand. And I found information on Hecate and the white dragon in readable format and she lived it. Shes taken possession of my rune stones which were tumbled tiger eye
My friend is also going to modify my own sandalwood wand make me a full set of oak runes and an atheme which I can pay off slower if I need to and massive discount. Plus Lauren’s wand is gifted to her. Were truly a blessed house with all things falling into place.
Posting photos when all done​:wink::laughing:

@Rav & @AdamThoth thanks guys


Totally cool!!! :blush:

Hail Lucifer!
Hail Beelzebub!
Hail Belial!